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An American puts Team Obama in Their Place...

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To hear the Obama campaign tell the story, VP candidate Paul Ryan got a real earful at one of his own events this past week. An Iowa woman chimed in with a question for the candidate which she felt deserved an answer.

At the town hall event on Tuesday, [Linda] Morrison cited a contentious exchange between Ryan and Fox News anchor Chris Wallace on Sunday, in which Ryan said it would take too long to explain the details of his tax plan. She asked the vice presidential candidate why he wasn’t more specific, and why he “didn’t answer his question about what are your plans.”

That was too good of an opportunity to pass up for Team Obama, who immediately took to the wires with a snark filled attack. Paul Ryan “can’t attend his own campaign rallies without being called out for failing to provide specifics about what Mitt Romney would do if elected.” Or so went the meme of the day. Unfortunately for Obama, Ms. Morrison not only follows the news, but wasn’t shy about penning a letter to the editor straightening out the events of the day.

"I am the woman in the Green Bay Packer jacket at Rep. Paul Ryan’s rally in Clinton who asked him the question about specific plans to fix our economy. Needless to say, I was quite shocked to learn the Obama campaign seized my question, putting out the statement “Even Ryan can’t attend his own rally without being called out.”

"I was not calling Ryan out. I had the opportunity to ask a direct question to Paul Ryan and what I got was a complete direct answer with no spin…"

Today I am outraged that my question is being misrepresented and used as a political tool against the Romney/Ryan campaign by both media and the Obama camp. The question I asked is what we the citizens want to know: How is the Romney/Ryan plan going to tackle this economy? Paul Ryan answered it with precise clarity."

by on Oct. 7, 2012 at 1:36 AM
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by Member on Oct. 11, 2012 at 12:20 PM

I understand what you are saying...But doing it that way does not make it

right...I want to see more jobs in the States..End of story for me..If he can show me a plan that will do that.. even in 10 years.. I would vote for him

if NOT... Guess we have no choice.... OR do we.....I still remember a time when car parts were made here in my small they took it over seas to save some money... Believe me I did not get rich making those parts.. Neither did my coworkers....This can be done if people have the get up and go... and the purpose in life they should....Which means stop being greedy.. Help the laborers get back their jobs..We will see a better America... Less Crime and less waste...BUT I realize so far we have no one that will actually go through with a plan,,cause planning takes time and ingenuity..something most people want to pass on to the other guy

Quoting Sisteract:

We have 2 choices: buy what is made here...of course the costs rise substantially, or be willing to work for foreign labor wages, which would keep the costs of American made goods down. Conversion to American made would take time, particularly if folks want to continue to have decent salaries and benefits- Hard for people to buy higher priced goods when they are un or underemployed. Domino effect-

American labor is not competitive in a global labor market.

Many shop at places like WM (Chinamart) because it is their only option- financially and logistically. WM has done a good job becoming a near monopoly- ingesting businesses in many industries. They have high priced lobbyists in place just for that reason.

Quoting angduse1:

I listened to his speach... I might not agree with all of it..

BUT I am tired of buying everything from China... Keep the jobs here.

When I first saw this post I thought they did not answer the woman at all

just said it would take too long to explain....looks like he did explain just not in detail...Took awhile to... so putting up the figures needs to be done.. I agree on that.. He did not have the time then but needs to explain more later.. put it out there Romney and you might just get my vote.. cause I am tired of jobs going to other countries..

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