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The Moms Matter 2012 Election results are in…

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votingThe results of our Moms Matter 2012 Mock Election are in!

                                           And the winner is...

                           Mitt Romney with 46.6% of the vote!

Complete Results:

Obama -  44.3%
Romney - 46.6%
3rd party - 5.2%
not voting - 4.0%

What do you think about these results?

by on Nov. 5, 2012 at 3:43 PM
Replies (321-330):
by Member on Nov. 5, 2012 at 8:56 PM
Exactly! People don't understand this.

Quoting M4LG5:

Quoting kag1212:

I really can't believe any intelligent woman would vote for Romney. I guess you don't care about women's rights, or that are children and parents may have a lot taken away from them in there future. Every thing the man has said he supports, not so long ago he was against. Study a little and learn that President Obama has done a lot for this country and if we had more democrats in congress he would be able to do a lot more!

This is it....we can't just vote for Obama and think he can make all these changes.  We have to vote for a Congress that will support Obama so his ideas can actually take action.  Whatever he hasn't been able to do isn't his fault...he has a republican congress that doesn't want any changes or doesn't support most of the people in this country.

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by Member on Nov. 5, 2012 at 8:58 PM
Obama wants to raise taxes and more people on welfare, where did you get your information? Of course taxes have to raise, someone has to make up for the mess Bush made of this country. And more welfare, that makes no sense! Please watch the debates and do some research before you write something so stupid!

Quoting g-woman:

Moms care about the future of their children and of America.  It's not right our children should work through their education and struggle to get a job, only to pay half of what they earn through high taxes for someone who made bad choices, doesn't work and doesn't care as long as he gets his food samps and welfare check paid for by our children's labor.  Obama wants more taxes and more welfare so we become a Socialist State instead of a free Republic, where each one of our children has the chance to strive and to dare for greatness and success! I hope the election reflects the common sense of the Moms in America!

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by on Nov. 5, 2012 at 8:59 PM
Mom confessions seems befitting lol

Quoting momof2grls629:

Ok, I accept, lol. Where will we post the photos too?

Quoting mommy2annaliese:

Haha okay :P Gotta decide before 12 noon tomorrow. Just so I have time to get my supplies together just incase LOL

Quoting momof2grls629:

Lol, that's actually a really funny idea. I am super tempted.... Let me get back to you on that one.

Quoting mommy2annaliese:

No because that will never happen.

Lets make a wager. If Romney wins I will wear a sign that says "I love Romney, and I am stupid for thinking he would loose" or anything of your choosing on the busiest street in my town, and take pictures and theb post them here but if Obama wins, you must do the same. You in? ;)

Quoting momof2grls629:

Is this what you will be saying tomorrow too when Romney kicks Obama's ass?

Quoting mommy2annaliese:

That tons of people including myself didn't know cm was back up so they didn't get to vote so this is way off. :) also, that mitt Romney can go eat a know.

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by on Nov. 5, 2012 at 9:00 PM

I hope so! Our value as mom's have been downgraded in this country giving "shared custody" to men because they are sperm donors...psst!!! The courts have gone mad and are not protecting our children and our mothers!!!

by on Nov. 5, 2012 at 9:01 PM
by on Nov. 5, 2012 at 9:01 PM

Hoping and praying this is an accurate reflection of tomorrow's outcome. If not I will continue to pray for our President and our country. 

by on Nov. 5, 2012 at 9:02 PM
The poll actually ran and was closed before the site went down and it was on the front page for several days

Quoting mommy2annaliese:

Exactly. I think they should redo it and put it on the front page, so we all can see it and vote, and then see who actually wins and THAT would be interesting :P

Quoting KatieCat2003:

I knew it was up but not about the mock election. :-/ I don't believe Romney will make things better, I believe he will make things far worse. Though I don think Obama is the answer either.

I'd love to know how many people voted on this. I'm rather certain it's not even near half of CM's active members.

Quoting mommy2annaliese:

That tons of people including myself didn't know cm was back up so they didn't get to vote so this is way off. :) also, that mitt Romney can go eat a know.

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by on Nov. 5, 2012 at 9:03 PM
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All President Obama does is run from problems huh? Well let's see what did bush do for the katrina victims? And what did obama do for the victims of irene and sandy? You want to know? He got his god damned hands dirty like any real president would. He helped pick up the pieces. I'm sorry when I look at obama I see a real man who really cares for his county. When I look at romney I see a man who cares about money. Big money going into his hands and the hands of the rich. Not the ones who are living with no power because of a natural disaster, or the homeless who ended up that way because of it. But the 1 percent who could singlehandedly get rid of the majority of our national debt and then some. (And still be loaded) nah you keep romney, I want a man who has lived a real life not a high profile I'm better than you aristocratic schmuck.

Quoting mommymandy06:

Quoting swimcoach10:

It's very sad to me that a group of women has so little respect for their fellow women that they would vote for Romney.  If he wins and starts a war with Iran, offends all of our allies, makes it so that our children with a disease will never be able to get their own insurance, crashes our economny by having another war and keeping taxes on the very rich too low (even though my economist friends tell me that all Obama has put in place will assure a stronger economy, I find it hard to believe that less money in and more money out will ever make that work), appoints Supreme Court judges that will repeal Roe v Wade and when your 14-year-old gets raped she'll have the reminder of that all her life - good luck, I'll be living somewhere else that won't be as affected by Great Depression II.

Wow! Miss informed! You much be watching the liberal media! Romney has a successful record in business ! The USA is a big business! Obama has no experience anywhere! It shows! Never made a budget in 4 years ! It shows! Spent a lot of money on nothing! As far as allies ! I do not feel safe with him as president at all! He does not stand up for this country at all! I see a president that runs away from problems! I see him make excuses after excuses! I see him blame everybody but himself! He is something else this guy! It makes me sick to see people treat this guy like god!

Like Romney said he does not have to take this job which I have no clue who would want it! He has passion , goals, ideas to prosper this country and he wants to do something for this country as a last hope! ! Obama just wants more taxes! Sorry that will not fix the problem! Obama said he will be a one term president if he could not turn things around so step down mr. President and give someone else a shot!

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by on Nov. 5, 2012 at 9:03 PM
African American.
If Romney does win, imagine the fear that this poor child will have?
The intentional racial divide of this election is heartbreaking.

Quoting JonJon:

What color was the kid?

Quoting KeeKee77:

One of my third grade students told me that if Mitt Romney wins he's going to take away all the food from black people. Yep, that's really what people are teaching their children.

Quoting JonJon:

That's a good story you just wrote.  How long have you been writing fiction?

Here's what's real; people said four years ago as they are today, the President is a Muslim which to their way of thinking means terrorist who hates America and is going to destroy the country from inside the White House.  I've run into those people right here on these boards.  Despite the fact he's had four whole years to destroy the country, here we are typing in the comfort of our homes or from our workplaces.  What do you think, the President needs four more years to destroy the country?

A woman wrote in another group that she was shooting her chickens to get in practice killing black people because she believed blacks were going to go on a rampage killing white people to get revenge for all the wrongs done us as the result of the President having been elected giving us some sort of power to do such a thing.  She really believed that.  What it proved is that there are stupid and silly people out there who fall for all the fear mongering people like you do.  Fortunately, only a rare few are that stupid and bigoted.

Quoting tydyco:

This girl I met the other day was spouting off about politics to her friends, ( something she had no business in), this is what she said "well I heard that if Mike Romney gets elected, he's gonna bring slavery back, I only f*ck w black men and I know there ain't no way black people are gonna let that happen.... I mean unless we make the Chinese our slaves!"....... 😳OMG! For the first time in my life, I interrupted a stranger having a convo w someone else and asked her if she really believed what she just said.... Called her an idiot if she really spoke out so carelessly about something she obviously knew nothing about and went along w my day.

I don't care how anyone votes, it's their right, but please Jesus, I hope this woman is not voting based on her knowledge of politics. And I'm worried about how many other idiots out there think the same thing! This girl was not speaking metaphorically she really meant forcing people back into slavery... Wow

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by on Nov. 5, 2012 at 9:03 PM
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I just hope that Mitt wins. We need to get rid of Obama for sure. He's made a real mess of things, and if we put up with him for four more years, it will be bye bye America,. bye bye freedom and everything else America stands for. Please wake up America, vote for the one that is the lesser of the two evils. (even if you don't like Mitt Romney). He has moral values, and is a family man, along with a business man who knows how to handle money. Obama just wasted all that money, and as we've heard, the grandchildren and their children's children will be the ones paying off the debts later on. Come on America, get out there and do your best to SAVE America from another four years of Obama. He's out to kill our country, our seniors and our integrity. We need MItt to help us get back on our feet, and to get the ball rolling again, so we can once again be called, ONE NATION UNDER GOD and be PROUD OF IT. Simply becuase it's the truth. With Jesus ALL THINGS are possible, and Mitt knows how to handle it. He may not be perfect, but then NO ONE IS. At least give him a chance.


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