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Romney failed in his Senate bid in 1994; he's pretty much the same now as he was then - a loser

Posted by on Nov. 6, 2012 at 5:02 PM
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I'm pasting a recounting of Romney's bid for the Senate and will comment here and there.  You know I have to.

1994 U.S. senatorial campaign

Campaigning for U.S. Senate in Holyoke, Massachusetts, 1994

For much of his business career, Romney did not take public, political stances.[118][119] He had kept abreast of national politics since college,[32] though, and the circumstances of his father's presidential campaign loss had irked him for decades.[22]

There's some sort of psychological "tell" in that but I'm not sure what.  It's as if he identified through his dad and felt he was somehow shamed as the result of his dad failing to become President instead of having a definite sense of being a separate entity who was not the one to fail at his bid for President.  Maybe it's simpler than that; maybe he just wanted "revenge" for people failing to vote for his dad.

He registered as an Independent[47] and voted in the 1992 presidential primaries for the Democratic former senator from Massachusetts, Paul Tsongas.[118][120]

An independent who voted Democrat.  Hey, he was changeable and chameleon-like even way back then, huh?  His facial expressions and physical gestures remind me of Ronald Reagan who also changed from Democrat to Republican when he realized he was not going to get what he wanted as a Democrat.  That is evidence Romney's more interested in getting elected for the bragging rights or presumed power and not on the values and tenets of any particular party.  At least Reagan only had two party affiliations.

By 1993, Romney had begun thinking about entering politics, partly based upon Ann's urging and partly to follow in his father's footsteps.[47]

Hmmm. Ann's changed her stance, hasn't she?  She said she's worried Mitt's mind can't take the stress of office.

He decided to challenge incumbent Democratic U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy, who was seeking re-election for the sixth time. Political pundits viewed Kennedy as vulnerable that year – in part because of the unpopularity of the Democratic Congress as a whole, and in part because this was Kennedy's first election since the William Kennedy Smith trial in Florida, in which the senator had suffered some negative public relations regarding his character.[121][122][123] Romney changed his affiliation to Republican in October 1993 and formally announced his candidacy in February 1994.[47] In addition to his leave from Bain Capital, he stepped down from his church leadership role in 1994.[114]

Romney, ever the opportunist shark, thought he smelled blood in the water.

Radio personality Janet Jeghelian took an early lead in polls among candidates for the Republican nomination for the Senate seat, but Romney proved the most effective fundraiser.[124][125] He won 68 percent of the vote at the May 1994 Massachusetts Republican Party convention; businessman John Lakian finished a distant second, eliminating Jeghelian.[126] Romney defeated Lakian in the September 1994 primary with more than 80 percent of the vote.[14][127]

In the general election, Kennedy faced the first serious re-election challenger of his career.[121] The younger, telegenic, and well-funded Romney ran as a businessman who stated he had created ten thousand jobs and as a Washington outsider with a solid family image and moderate stances on social issues.[121][128] When Kennedy tried to tie Romney's policies to those of Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush, Romney responded, "Look, I was an independent during the time of Reagan-Bush. I'm not trying to take us back to Reagan-Bush."[129] Romney stated, "Ultimately, this is a campaign about change."[130]

Hasn't Romney referred to Reagan several times as if he was a great role model, and he campaigned on change?  Romneycare/Obamacare; wow, how Obama-esque.  Romney maybe should have stayed Democrat; he just might have successfully won the Presidential nomination...nah, he never really means or feels anything he says.  He only mouths what he believes are the winning words and Romneycare was more Democraticare as the MA Democrats created it.

Romney's campaign was effective in portraying Kennedy as soft on crime, but had trouble establishing its own consistent positions.[131]

Inability to establish consistent positions...sound familiar to anyone else?

By mid-September 1994, polls showed the race to be approximately even.[121][132][133]

Just like today, if you believe the polls aren't skewed just to make the race seem interesting.

Kennedy responded with a series of ads that focused on Romney's seemingly shifting political views on issues such as abortion;[134] Romney would respond on the latter by stating, "I believe that abortion should be safe and legal in this country."[135]

When pressed for a comment he says the same thing today with one side of his mouth while saying he hopes to reverse Roe vs. Wade with the other side of his mouth.  Shifting political views; same today.

Other Kennedy ads centered on layoffs of workers at the Ampad plant owned by Romney's Bain Capital.[121][136]

Let's see; there's some people living in tents as a protest outside a plant that Bain closed so they could send the jobs to China.  Nothing new under Romney's sun.

The latter was effective in blunting Romney's momentum.[78] Kennedy and Romney held a widely watched late-October debate that had no clear winner, but by then, Kennedy had pulled ahead in polls and stayed ahead afterward.[137]

Obama has always lead Romney in the polls except the few skewed to make Romney seem viable.

Romney spent $3 million of his own money in the race and more than $7 million overall.[138][nb 12]

A smart businessman knows to never invest your own money on yourself; that's why you have fundraisers.  What an irresponsible thing to do.

In the November general election, despite a disastrous showing for Democrats nationwide, Kennedy won the election with 58 percent of the vote to Romney's 41 percent,[56] the smallest margin in any of Kennedy's re-election campaigns for the Senate.[141]

That's called a landslide and we'll see history repeat itself, tonight.

The day after the election, Romney returned to Bain Capital, but the loss had a lasting effect; he told his brother, "I never want to run for something again unless I can win."[47][142]

Apparently, he believes he can win.  I've said all along Romney seems to have some idea he is for sure going to win; as if he figures those voting machines manufactured by a company in which he is an investor might somehow do the trick the way the ones with the hanging chads did the trick for GW.

When his father died in 1995, Mitt donated his inheritance to BYU's George W. Romney Institute of Public Management.[55] He also joined the board, as vice-chair, of the Points of Light Foundation,[99] which had incorporated his father's National Volunteer Center. Romney felt restless as the decade neared a close; the goal of simply making more money was becoming inadequate for him.[47][142] Although no longer in a local leadership position in his church, he still taught Sunday School.[112] During the long and controversial approval and construction process for the $30 million Mormon temple in Belmont, he feared that, as a political figure who had opposed Kennedy, he would become a focal point for opposition to the structure.[113] He thus kept to a limited, behind-the-scenes role in attempts to ease tensions between the church and local residents.[112][113][115]

He knows how to stay behind the scenes; maybe he's behind the scenes at Bain and he sure didn't mind letting other people run the state of MA his last year in office so he could fly around the country schmoozing powerful Republicans who could help him in his bid to be better than his daddy ever was.  Eighteen years and he's still trying to avenge the family's honor he believes was lost when dad lost his bid to be President.  Like Ann, I worry for his mental health, too.

*Note:  There's probably lots of typos but I'm too tired to proofread, right now.  I may read over this and make changes so don't be surprised if you come back and it's slightly reworded; they message will be the same:  Mitt Romney is a loser who doesn't deserve to be President.

Read the whole thing here without my comments:


by on Nov. 6, 2012 at 5:02 PM
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