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Just 5 Votes for Barack Obama~

There has been some discussion on the news concerning Obama receiving a majority of the votes in certain Philadelphia districts. Here's a County in the lone star state not very fond of Barack Obama~

      Obama regime is in default in the Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia on a case of Obama's use of a stolen CT SSN


by on Nov. 16, 2012 at 11:19 PM
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by Ruby Member on Nov. 25, 2012 at 10:50 AM
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Quoting SeakingPeace:

I think what got Barack Obama elected the first time was because he represented a new and largely diversified America.  I do think, in part, many were quick to vote for him simply because he was black so that we Americans could finally be proud to say that we elected a black man to the White House.

I agree with your latter comment. The repercussions are devastating for America. Your 1st statement...I believe many voted for Obama b/c the media's hatred for Pres. Bush was a ripple effect thru out this Country. Unfortunately, many Americans are uneducated in terms of politics, how the economy works etc. The MSM, their primary source of news. They are unwilling or do not take the time to do extensive research about the Candidates.

I think what got him RE-elected the second time around is that Barack Obama appealed to a wide audience: the young, blacks, Hispanics, gays/lesbians, immigrants (illegal and legal), poor, non-seculars, and young single mothers, etc., to name a few.  And there's nothing wrong with that.

Yes, he appealed to a wide audience but Chicago politics was the driving force during Obama's campaign. Sadly, corruptive practices & lies often do work. Tactics of fear and dishonesty may win but the 'real' Obama will be revealed when unemployment continues to rise, ppl. are hungry & homeless, the Nation teeters on survival or destruction. Obama has sowed more division than any President in my lifetime. When you elect the inexperienced esp during a time of so much upheaval in the world, the Candidate will rise or fall depending upon the choices they make. The failed policies of this Pres. are evident to his lack of experience & wisdom. I agree with many terrorist experts who claim this admin is weak & complacent concerning the nature of terrorism, leaving America more vulnerable to another 911. How will Obama handle a monumental crisis like this when he's failed miserably in reference to the Benghazi tragedy. A preview of coming events. A world I am very concerned about for my children & grandchildren...

Many voted for him because "Barack Obama cares about people like me."  But what about the people who are NOT like him?  What's he gonna do for those people?  What's he gonna do for the non-minority?  For the religious who want their rights protected? For the conservative who want their "old fashioned" values preserved?  For the white man (who I believe has become the silent new minority)? Will he REWARD legal immigration and standly firmly up to ILLEGAL immigrants? Will he reward responsible working Americans who support the less fortunate? Will he promote a school system that will insist on the very best teachers versus protecting the inferior ones via unions?  Will he provide the same free tutoring and after school programs to the middle class as is available to the poorest? I hope so.  Because if he does than, I too, will be able to say, "Barack Obama cares about people who are just like ME."

Obama is focused upon his agenda, the far left who pull his strings in the WH. He pretends to care about the less fortunate but promotes policies which prevent economic prosperity and job creation. Increased taxes for the middle class & every American. The least amongst us are unimportant and denied their right to life. The rhetoric & fear tactics of this admin gave Obama a 2nd term in the WH. The United States will have the gov't they deserve. @ least for those who voted for Barack Obama. The rest of us will be forced to endure the bad policies of this President til America is smart enough to see thru the fog of deception and failures. Your final comment....I do not believe Obama will ever accomplish success in the areas mentioned. He's insenstive and incapable of turning this Country around~


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