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Israel’s Latest Assault on Gaza: The Lie of Who Started It

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Israel’s Latest Assault on Gaza: The Lie of Who Started It

Israel has again attacked Gaza. In its aerial and ground assault that began on Saturday, November 10th, at least 7 Palestinians have been killed, 5 of them civilians, 3 of whom were children. Up to 52 others, including 6 women and 12 children, have been wounded.

One of the wounded is carried into a hospital in Gaza City following Israel’s shelling (Reuters/Mohammed Salem)

As in every vicious military offensive Israel carries out in Gaza, the dominant narrative is that it is a response to rocket fire from Gaza into southern Israel. This is how it’s being reported in the US, and this is how virtually every American understands it.

And it’s a lie.

It’s true that on Saturday, prior to the expanded Israeli bombardment, the military wing of the Popular Front For the Liberation of Palestine shot an anti-tank missile at an Israeli Defense Forces vehicle near the Gaza border, wounding four Israeli soldiers. But what prompted the firing of the anti-tank missile?

First, on Monday, November 5th, Israeli forces shot and killed 23 year old Ahmad Nabhani when he “approached the border fence with Israel.” According to at least one account, Nabhani was mentally challenged.

Then, on Thursday, November 8th, the Israeli Occupation Forces – eight tanks and four bulldozers, to be exact – invaded southern Gaza, shooting and killing a 13-year old boy. Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (via):

According to investigations conducted by PCHR, at approximately 16:30 on Thursday, as a result of the indiscriminate shooting by IOF military vehicles that had moved into the ‘Abassan village, 13-year-old Ahmed Younis Khader Abu Daqqa was seriously wounded by a bullet to the abdomen. At the time he was shot, Ahmed had been playing football with his friends in front of his family’s house, located nearly 1,200 meters away from the area where the IOF were present.

So, even if honest observers brush to the side the cruel and inhumane Israeli blockade on Gaza and refuse to let it influence the equation of exactly which side started this flare up of violence, it is clear Israel started this latest clash. And in response to the response, Israel has waged a harsh, disproportionate military assault.

This would be a simple thing to understand if, for example, Western media bothered to ask the other side what happened. Palestinian news media immediately reported that the anti-tank missile Israel was supposedly responding to was admitted to by the Popular Resistance Committees, who described it as “revenge” for preceding Israeli violence on Gaza. But that basic task of honest journalism is apparently out of the question.

Every single Israeli incursion or attack on Gaza is accompanied by the same narrative: Israel fairly responded to unprovoked Palestinian rocket fire. The last major war on Gaza, Operation Cast Lead in December ’08-January ’09, also carried this narrative. Israel committed war crimes in that one-sided conflict, targeting and killing hundreds of civilians, using indiscriminate weapons, and intentionally destroying civilian infrastructure. It has become an accepted fact – even among critics of Israel – that the offensive was a response to Hamas rocket fire. The rocket fire did indeed occur immediately before the assault, but it was in response to Israel’s breaking of the six-month cease-fire, which even Israeli officials in WikiLeaks cables admitted Hamas had kept to.

by on Nov. 17, 2012 at 2:02 AM
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by Ruby Member on Nov. 18, 2012 at 1:30 AM
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Check your facts.

Number of Rockets fired from Gaza to Israel Jan-Oct 2012, and Nov 2012:

"We're seeing the old adage that violence begets violence. Israel says there have been 275 rocket and mortars fired (updated total at 12:45 US eastern time on Thursday) from Gaza since Mr. Jabari was killed yesterday. That's a huge proportion of the total so far this year, prompted by the very thing that it was officially designed to stop it. How big? At least 25 percent, and probably more. Israel's Shin Bet internal security agency reported 451 total mortar and rocket "attacks" this year through Oct. 31 (though in some of these cases the "attacks" contained more than one rocket fired). The past week, however, has seen nearly that many."

Reason for Israeli attack on Gaza:

"Today's (Nov. 15, 2012) strike was the first major one since 2009. It targeted and killed Hamas military commander Ahmed Jabari. The attack was in response to a spate of over 100 rockets fired into Southern Israel over the past four days, as well as multiple terrorist attacks which killed Israeli citizens over the last decade."

Israeli Accusations Gaza is manufacturing and staging some alleged injuries:

"ISRAEL calls it "Pallywood"; a public sympathy exercise in which scenes of apparently wounded Palestinians are in fact staged for the cameras." ... "A pro-Israeli website, “", has accused BBC News of broadcasting footage of an apparently wounded Palestinian civilian being carried to safety for treatment. But shortly after the man is pictured walking around, presumably uninjured. "HonestReporting" claims the footage is a classic case of “Pallywood,” which it describes as faked or exaggerated disaster scenes used to garner public sympathy."
by Just Jess on Nov. 18, 2012 at 1:36 AM
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Palestinians are dogs? What a hateful thing to say. YOU are the reason these people are seen as nothing but animals to be sent to slaughter. How disgusting. Did we learn nothing from WWII?
When we treat our fellow humans as animals we become the animals. :-/

Quoting Billiejeens:

Quoting redvelvet42:

i wish we could close our eyes and ignore whats going on over there but unfortunately we cannot. whether we like it or not our tax dollars are funding these onesided "wars".

the truth does need to told and retold. so i applaud you for having the courage to post this....

you do not have to be a liberal to understand that there are always two sides to every story, so why listen to only one side of the story? and don't cry the isreal is alone and surrounded mantra - she is better armed than some countries 20 times her size, plus she is guarenteed protection from her enemies by the u.s. and the u.k., french support waivers. where is the harm in being enlightened to the historical and real time basis of the palestinian-isreali conflict? our nation's funding of isreal won't change so why not be honest and learn the truth about the situation?

The only side of the story is that Palestinians are dogs, nothing more.

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by Silver Member on Nov. 18, 2012 at 8:11 AM
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God Bless Israel and her people.
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by Emerald Member on Nov. 18, 2012 at 5:14 PM
Quoting Mommy_of_Riley:

It is possible that I am being too hard on dogs with the equalization.

Dogs don't teach their puppies to strap on bombs and kill innocent people.

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