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Zimmerman "Creepy A$$ Cracker" Racist - (according to Trayvon) - A Conversation About Race in Africa-America

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by on Jun. 30, 2013 at 4:28 AM
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by Gold Member on Jul. 2, 2013 at 8:12 AM

 Good point.  Thanks for the update.  We will see......

Quoting JustCJ:

So far the girl on the phone with him said he ran, but it wasn't clear what direction. It looks like (when it's their turn) the defense is going to point this out. His father's girlfriends house wasn't far away. The 911 calls show Z never chased T (follow? perhaps, closely? No) The girl was proven a liar, I strongly believe she is covering for the fact that Trayvon did indeed say "you got a problem?...well you got one now". It's just sad all around, that boy is dead and this man (possibly innocent) has lost his life as well.

Quoting pvtjokerus:

 Since I am not glued to the Zimmerman trial I have asked....Did TM run?  Was he in fear of his life?  Did GZ attack him?  So far I believe you below comment may just be correct unless more evidence comes out indicating otherwise.


Quoting JustCJ:

Yeh he was scared alright. Probably why he didn't hurry home instead beating the snot out of GZ.

Quoting gludwig2000:

I agree, and its not the comments made by a scared teenagers who was trying to sound tough to his friend that I found offensive. The Africa America is very divisive and offensive. I've tried to stay out of the whole Zimmerman parade but again, the title to this post is offensive.

Quoting survivorinohio:

Your title is offensive imo




by Gold Member on Jul. 2, 2013 at 9:31 AM
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There has been oppression on all skin colors at one point.  The time is now to move past it. 

Quoting survivorinohio:

Sally I watched the Video and I have a few things to say.  First its not something for a cutesly video made by white people to fix.

I would also say that failing to accept that hate has caused more issues for the hated groups than the haters is a huge mistaqke.  Not so long ago we had that poor man drug.  Gay kids killed.  Hate against a group is wrong and the words used and the history of the words is relavent to me.  Cracker is a word born of the oppressed while N is born or the oppressor.  I dont see what is not understood.

All name calling is wrong but all names are not equal.

As far as a double standardon the N word I can understand to the extent that I can call my self a bitch and a few friends can call me a bitch but there are contexts in which it would be fighting words.  Its all about context.

As far as slurs being ok from some groups and not others I thionk they are all wrong but we have an issue with justification.    There is still a lot of justification for the anger that is felt toward the oppresser.  Some of the poorest Black children of Jax Fla attend a school named for a Grand Dragon of the clan.  They also were given a federal housing allotment on the grounds of a toxic dump that city officials knew was there.  These things form justification in a hating heart.    Show me where whites have ever been oppressed in such a way in this countries history.


by Bronze Member on Jul. 2, 2013 at 7:13 PM

You might have worded it a little less offensive, but I agree.  It's only ever racist if it's a white person talking to or about a black person.

by Bronze Member on Jul. 2, 2013 at 11:12 PM

What exactly is Africa-America?? As opposed to what other America? A boy is dead, someone is on trial and the rest is up to the jury. Why continually try to divde everyone over words used by a child?

by Silver Member on Jul. 3, 2013 at 12:21 AM
I think every race has been through trials and in many cases discrimination. I myself, am white. I am sick of people saying "show me whites that have been discriminated against." as if none have ever. "you" do not own discrimination. I can show you family pictures. My family emigrated from Ireland to Boston in the 1840s. If anyone says the Irish were treated nicely, they do not know history. The Irish were considered to be less human than the black slaves in this country.
Another thing that really annoys me is the term African-American. I do not call myself "Irish-American", I did not come from Ireland, I was born here in America. My husband's family is from Puerto Rico and Spain. He was born in America. We are Americans. Yes we identify with our ancestors' heritage, but we are Americans. That is what causes a huge divide in this country in my opinion. People born here as Americans wanting to be called something other than American. We're you born there? Did you move here and become an American citizen? If so, then I have no issue with hyphenating and calling you something other than American. But born here, stayed here, you are an American - why do you want to be something else? What is wrong with being an American?
About this trial. I think it has gotten way blown out of proportion. Someone died at the hands of another person. Adjudicate based on the facts. Leave race completely out of it. Leave age completely out of it - a 17 year old today is an adult, acts like an adult, demands to be treated like an adult why talk about him as a child? Do I think TM was assaulting GZ - yes I do. Do I think GZ was following TM? Yes I do. Was that his job? I don't know. Was his life in danger for him to defend himself with deadly force? Yes, I think he was, based on the evidence presented so far. Do I think TM was just an innocent little boy walking home from the store? No, I believe he made threatening statements in an attempt to put fear into GZ.
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