And down from the skies came Bob McDonnell, Governor of Virginia, a Republican golden boy who, like other such individuals, had been elected in the hopes of saving the GOP from the path it was headed down, namely, collapse and inconsequence. So where did it all go wrong?

Well, that really depends how you want to look at things, and what end of the political spectrum you fall upon. Republicans would probably say it was when he started agreeing with President Obama on the topic of education and began wanting to close loopholes for illegal gun obtainment following the Virginia Tech shooting. Democrats would say it waswhen he began expressing views as a birther, who was strongly against not only gay marriage, but gay people even existing, in support of covenant marriage, and opposed to working women and feminism, calling them a, “…detriment to society.”

Nonetheless, both sides can agree that the iceberg hit the Titanic when the news came out he was taking lavish, illegal personal gifts from lobbyistsincluding a huge shopping spree, a Rolex watch, and a very, very large donation to one of his businesses, gifts totaling over $150,000. While it isn’t wholly a rarity to hear of politicians getting a little too cozy with lobbyists and toeing the line of what’s acceptable in regards to personal relations with said individuals, typically it comes in the form of campaign donations, or promises of favors for the politician’s state, or district. Personal gifts are blatantly illegal.

The state of affairs is so bad that even Republicans are calling for his resignation, and from the other side of the political spectrum, he remains undesirable. With choice snippets such as, “…man’s basic nature is inclined towards evil, and when the exercise of liberty takes the shape of pornography, drug abuse, or homosexuality, the government must restrain, punish, and deter.” coming from this man, he’s not hard to dislike. Even in his college days he was beyond help, with his thesis on the road ahead for Republicans including talking points such as elimination of homosexuality, giving heterosexuals preference in the tax code, stomping out feminism in favor of kitchen wives, and removing abortion rights entirely, even in cases of rape and incest.

Don’t despair though dear America, this clown is -not- seeking reelection, and Virginia holds it’s gubernatorial elections this year. The state of the current race is neck and neck with no incumbent running, and right now, the difference could be whether any blue Virginians reading this get active and advocate to take back the state. There’s plenty of unpleasant truths to be said about the up-and-comer making a bid for the Republican party to win this election, but that’s a topic for another of our chats. If “Blue Texas” sounds appealing, then regaining a Democratic hold on the state of Virginia should be of equally high priority. Make it happen, the strength of your voice for change is limited only by how much you choose to use it.