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Seems people don't like my views

And in turn will try to silence those views. This is an issue in America today. We have drawn a line in the sand and have effectively segregated ourselves. If you are not on "our" side then you are against "us". Each side vilifies the other while making it seem that they are in no way at fault for the issues that have arisen in the past years.
Then there are people like myself who stand in the middle and wonder why the US has gone bat shit crazy.
Extreme views from either side have become an issue today. From te left we have a leader who ha said time and time again that he will not negotiate with his own people. But he will negotiate with other countries while seeming to ignore the issues he is causing here. We har a majority leader in the senate who has snubbed his nose to anything but his way. Communication with the left has effectively been shut off.
But that isn't the only issue here. The right doesn't to get where they are the issue. Try have been hyper focused on one issue in the US and a small minority if them took out government hostage so that their demands would be met. The speaker for the house has effectively lost control of his own people and is being dictated by that minority.
If our fore fathers could see the atrocious behavior of both sides of the aisle they would be appalled. Many of them came from very different backgrounds and view points yet they were able to put together a country that was founded on liberties for everyone. Our Constitution is very clear on every aspect of how Anerica should run and operate but we have been so busy arguing with one another over which side is right that we have lost sight of what makes America strong. Working together despite our differences and realizing that each side has something of value to offer.
Now, I know many will simply read my title and jump from there without reading the OP. some will also report it an have it taken down as has been done with one of my posts. You may not like what I have to say but I will say this, calling for people to stop arguing and work together to fix our il issues isn't a bad thing. If you think by is you are probably part of te issue.
by on Oct. 11, 2013 at 12:18 PM
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by Gold Member on Oct. 13, 2013 at 9:36 AM
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fingers crossed

Quoting PrimmednPunked:

I am not disagreeing with you at all.

But the thing about all those protests and disagreements were that they were productive in some way.  People worked together even amid the fighting to come to an agreement.  And I hope more than anything that we can resolve this without it doing much harm.

Quoting 143myboys9496:

I don't disagree with you that both sides are responsible. But the back and forth is part of politics. 

You also should remember that protests were part of what put our founding fathers in the position of starting a new govt. Protests and being outraged is what made America it's own country, not an annex of England. Protests and the Revolutionary War.

There was also the Civil War that was two sides disagreeing about slavery. 

IMO, we have a problem in this country with people who believe the govt "owes" them a lifestyle. And also to an extent we've become governed by a very very loud minority, rather than majority. It's like a wedding, govt can't make everyone happy, but we should be happy with compromising.

Quoting PrimmednPunked:

Where did I say that it was a quick process?  

I know it was long and drawn out and that there were many disagreements.  But they worked passed it.  They didn't stop and throw their hands up when they came to an impasse.  That is what our government is doing, putting their noses in the air and saying "no negotiations".  

Quoting Kathy489:

 The founding fathers didn't do it in a week or two. Is that the time frame you think it was? I don't even know the total time frame, but it sure was a lot longer than a week or a month. And, yes, our government does remember. They are doing exactly what the founders did.

Quoting PrimmednPunked:

Yet here we are.  They got over it, even with yelling and fighting.  They worked through it all and came together to make something that was beneficial for everyone.  They cooperated.  Something our government seems to not remember.

Quoting Kathy489:

First of all, your post is difficult to read for all of the typos. But I got through it.

Do you really think our forefathers sat down and worked everything out with smiles and handshakes? That would be unrealistic.

The fact is that they yelled, screamed, pounded their fists on the tables, etc. and all the while shooed flies out of their sweaty faces because the room wasn't air-conditioned. They did not sit down peacefully and negotiate anything. It was a long, drawn-out fight all the way. And thank God for it!

This is the way our government is supposed to work. That's why we have three branches and a system of checks and balances. Admittedly, obama is quite the baby, as it took forever for the Republicans to get him to at least talk, but the Republicans are finally having some success. They are doing exactly what the Americans want them to do. That is why we vote.

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