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Obamacare Operator Fired After Taking Call From Hannity; Hannity To Give Her A Year's Salary

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On the top of Thursday's broadcast of his radio show, Sean Hannity revealed Erling Davis, the Obamacare operator he called early in his Monday show, got fired. Hannity quizzed her on how well the law is being received by applicants and she revealed no one liked it. Hannity had Davis on his show today and revealed he will give her a year's salary of $26,000 and help her find a new job.

SEAN HANNITY: Something happened between the time we made that call to you, and now, what happened?

ERLING DAVIS: They fired me from my job.

HANNITY: Because of the phone call, the information that you gave us?

DAVIS: Yes sir.

HANNITY: Tell us what happened.

DAVIS: Okay, the day I received the call from the radio station, I had to go pick up my best friend that night, and then someone was like, ”someone was looking for you.” But, I don’t know who that person is. So I was like, well I’m going to come back in the morning, because I had to go back to work. So the next day I came back and they had, like, two people escort me upstairs to H.R. And then it was three head people and me, we sat down, and I’m like, “why am I up here?” I figured, okay, they wanna talk about the phone call – the incident.

Then the lady sitting behind the desk; I don’t know what their name is, but the lady that was sitting behind the desk, I guess called up another head lady on her cell phone, so the lady was talking, and I couldn’t really understand what she was saying because she had me on speakerphone. I remember her saying, “We can’t have this type of stuff going on here, so we have to release you.” But they had locked the doors and everything; I guess they didn’t want anybody to come in there.
So when she told me they had to release me, that’s when I put my name tag – my badge – on the desk, and something was going wrong with my cell phone, so that’s when I tried to call my ride to come pick me up, but the lady next to me was just, like, being rude. She had, like, an attitude.

HANNITY: Now, did they give you… You were hired… How long had you been working with this company?

DAVIS: I started September 23.

HANNITY: Okay, so it’s a fairly new job for you. Did they—I assume they put you through some training, right?

DAVIS: Yes sir, they did.

HANNITY: And did they ever tell you that you’re not allowed to take a call from a radio show? Your job was to answer phones.

DAVIS: I did not hear anything about that. There were so many of us in a big group, you can only talk so loud.

HANNITY: Right, and one of the things that struck me. I was really impressed, and I said that to you on Monday. You are patient, you are kind, you answered all our questions. You were totally honest. Wasn’t that what you were hired to do?

DAVIS: Yeah, I’m just out here tryin’ to help everybody. And I know, like, some people have been making bad comments about me. Some people have been making good comments about me. But, some people are like, “Oh, you knew you shouldn’t have said that!” And I’m just like, okay… I kinda felt bad about it. My gosh, I got fired.

HANNITY: And what was the specific reason? When they sat you down, did they give you a specific reason?

DAVIS: They said that no contact with the media. No type of media whatsoever. We’re not allowed to do that at that company.

HANNITY: Meaning, in other words, they didn’t tell you before you were hired, they didn’t tell you during your training, but then they told you after the fact that you aren’t allowed to be on the media if somebody called in. It’s not your fault I called.
by on Oct. 24, 2013 at 5:46 PM
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by Ruby Member on Oct. 25, 2013 at 10:45 PM
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I need to buy 5 vowels.   :)

Quoting Billiejeens:

slap  Wheel of fortune is not on the radio. 

Quoting SallyMJ:

How about a radio?

Quoting kcangel63:


I wouldn't know. We don't own a tv.

Quoting Billiejeens:

Quoting kcangel63:

The average American really doesn't care. That's the problem. She got fired. Oh well. Glad it wasn't me. Time for Wheel of Fortune.

Sad, but that's the truth.

Quoting Billiejeens:

Vindictive Sons - a - bitches.

What will it take to open peoples eyes to this administration?

Wheel is on?


by Member on Oct. 25, 2013 at 10:54 PM
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This is true, being that paranoid person that reads everything 2x before signing it has been a condition of every employment I've ever had but out of the 8 companies I've worked for only 2 have ever bothered to elaborate/explain/train beyond the blurb in the fine print of the papers you sign when you get hired.and out of the two only 1 was thorough..a children's hospital(we were even warned about media contact on our unpaid lunch break..apparently reporters trolled a nearby park where employees Frequently have lunch to get info on high profile patients). Unfortunately ppl in this economic climate are so happy /relieved to get a job they will sign whatever they need to without REALLY reading it .. I do feel bad for her though.

Quoting bellawomen:

Most employers have a no media contact clause when you sign your employment paperwork. People just don't bother to read it. I think it's unfair that she was fired, but laws currently allow employers to limit freedom of speech. It needs changed.

by Ruby Member on Oct. 26, 2013 at 9:31 AM
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Yet Sebulous gets to keep her job.
by New Member on Oct. 26, 2013 at 5:15 PM

Seems like it would be obvious that what she did was not appropriate, regardless of how one feels about the ACA. How can one publicly criticize their employer and not expect repercussions? I mean, complaining to friends about work is a lot different than broadcasting it over the airwaves.

by Emerald Member on Oct. 26, 2013 at 5:24 PM
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Quoting Carpy:Yet Sebulous gets to keep her job.

I only recently looked up how connected she is.

First father/daughter Governor combo, married to a judge.

I'll was curious how Kansas went so wrong - then I said ahhh.

by Bronze Member on Oct. 26, 2013 at 7:01 PM

I'm in awe of Sean Hannity.  I happened to be listening to the conversation on the radio and then listened the next time when she'd been fired.  I'm beyond impressed.

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