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Trump Supporter Who Wants To Shoot Black Kids Just Embarrassed The F*ck Out Of Himself

Posted by on Aug. 18, 2016 at 11:37 AM
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Trump Supporter Who Wants To Shoot Black Kids Just Embarrassed The F*ck Out Of Himself (VIDEO)

Hi folks, John Harper here, at least if you ask a certain racist, Islamophobic freakshow named James Stachowiak (that’s not my name, of course). On Wednesday, Stachowiak had a few complaints about a recent report that highlighted his recent suggestion that “patriots” like him shoot black women and children “in the backs.” According to Stachowiak, I am not only a drug addict but I was lying about him when I quoted the things he said.

In his latest video rant, Stachowiak complained that “John Harper” posted an article condemning his racism and numerous suggestions that racists like himself murder black people on sight for everything from shoplifting to shoplifting.

“John Harper, you are a liar and a fraud and I’m challenging you John to sue me for slander and defamation for saying that your website and that of Raw Story and the Washington Post are saying that I’ve advocated for hunting down black women and children and shooting them in the backs.”

Since that’s entirely what happened, I find myself wondering why he would make such a silly suggestion, but let’s move on.

“These people are on drugs. John Harper apparently is a drug addict just like [police chief] Mark Kessler is an alcoholic,” he continues. “Now, how can I say that?”

Oh, this should be good…

Skipping over how he came up with his silly drug abuse claim, Stachowiak continued. He attempted, but failed, to walk back his remarks:

“I advocated that looters exiting stores should be shot – if they’re running down the street, light ’em up. I never said to aim and target children. What I said was that if children are in the group, they would be collateral damage. We can not allow these dangerous people to escape and cause more mayhem.”

Well, that’s much better, Jim.  He continued, attempting to explain away his remarks about women:

“You mean just because it’s a woman she can’t be a criminal that should be targeted with lethal force if she’s a looter or throwing a brick at a cop?”

No, Jim – no one should be “shot in the head” as you have oh-so-eloquently suggested if she is looting a store – and a brick is one-shot, inaccurate, and hard to throw any reasonable distance, so that should not end with a street execution. Nevertheless, “Johnny Infidel” as he calls himself on YouTube made it clear that he would even shoot an “80-year-old woman” in the head if she threw a brick a few inches toward a cop. That’s just the kind of swell guy this particular former police officer is.

But mixed into Stachowiak’s latest ravings is something hilarious. You remember Mark Kessler from earlier? Yes, I mean the former Gilberton, PA police chief whose unhinged YouTube rants in which he threatened “libtards” made him famous and ultimately got him fired from his position. Well, it seems that Mr. Stachowiak fell for a little prank one of my friends has been playing on conservatives for years.

You see, amid the Kessler controversy, a liberal troll who shall remain nameless created a fake “Police Chief Mark Kessler” Facebook page. This page has served as a source of laughs for many of us in the liberal Facebook community as we watch conservatives throw themselves into fits of rage when “Kessler” posts something off-the-wall or worse — actual facts regarding their insane theories. When Mr. Fake Kessler posted an article I wrote for Winning Democrats on the “shoot black people in the head” issue, Stachowiak noticed. He also noticed that “Kessler” has been slamming the Bundy family heavily.

Let’s just say that Stachowiak is mad. “I want to inform you about another stooge that’s working with the enemies of the Second Amendment,” Stachowiak says. “His name is Mark Kessler.”

Now if Stachowiak was smart — and he’s totally not — he would have remembered that gunfire was almost a staple in Kessler’s stupid videos. But, like I said, he’s not exactly the whitest hood at the Klan rally.

“He has said that I am a terrorist, insane” Stachowiak says. He says that it’s “very interesting” that Mark Kessler was removed as police chief, even though it’s not very interesting. “Here’s the interesting thing about Mark Kessler and you can check it out all over the internet. Mark Kessler was gathering names to turn in various patriot groups and militias to the federal government. He’s openly admitted it.”

This part is true. In 2014, Kessler told Alan Colmes that he volunteered working with the federal government to weed out extremist elements in the far-right. He claims he “saved a lot of lives” in his work, listing numerous “patriot” groups he helped take down.

“Mark Kessler also has a fascination with anal sex,” Stachowiak adds (That’s not really him, dumbsh*t). “Mark Kessler is a sodomite and that’s something else no one has reported.”

Probably because it’s not true, dumbass.

“Oh man.. The level of dumb this fool has is amazing,” the fake Kessler page posted. “I would pay to see this idiot take an I.Q. test.. I would expect him to achieve a solid 68. I mean SOLID 68.”

“He is clearly a drunkard and a terrorist,” the anonymous troll says. “He should be studied and mocked.” In any case, Mr. troll finds him entertaining He told Addicting Info:

“Man I love that guy! Still not sure if he should be on a 72hr mental hold or have a new TV show.”

Watch Stachowiak’s latest idiocy below, and feel free to mock him in the comments below. We love reading them:

"Trump is a demagogue and a bigot. He has nothing to say about the important issues facing our country.”~Bernie Sanders
by on Aug. 18, 2016 at 11:37 AM
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