No Group Loathes Donald Trump as Much as African Americans. Here’s Why.

The Republican nominee is no David Duke—since
at least David Duke says what he means, while
Trump just dog whistles.

There is almost no group left that Donald Trump

hasn’t offended: Muslims, babies, women,

Gold Star families, and of course Hispanics.

Yet there is one group that despises Donald

Trump more than any other: black Americans.

At an average of just 2 percent support in the

polls, Trump is running fourth among black voters,

as Harry Enten noted last week. He’s 84 points

behind Hillary Clinton, but also trailing Libertarian

Gary Johnson and Green Jill Stein.

The findings of recent surveys read like an Onion

headline or possibly a Saturday Night Live sketch

left on the cutting room floor: “Former Ku Klux Klan

leader David Duke has more black voter support

than Donald Trump.” Just think about that for a second.

A white guy who was actually a leader of an organization

synonymous with not only hating, but terrorizing,

black people is more popular with black people

than a white guy who used to host a reality show

and now may become president.

Trump’s insanely offensive rhetoric against other

groups has drawn extensive media coverage and

denunciations from people from both sides of the

aisle. His allegations of bias against federal judge

Gonzalo Curiel were called the textbook definition

of racism by Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan

, among many, many others. His early calls to ban

the entry of Muslims to this country have been so

widely denounced it’s hard to find a public figure

—even among those who have endorsed him—

who has not come out against the remarks. He’s

made more derogatory comments about women

that I can count.

While he has certainly had moments that can be

perceived as offensive to black Americans, such

as when he inaccurately tweeted that black people

are responsible for 81% of white homicides (which

was nowhere near true), when people think of groups

Donald Trump has insulted we’re certainly not at

the top of that list.