A little over a week ago, we introduced you to Jay Martin, the man who very explicitly wished death upon Barack Obama via Twitter. He has disappeared from the Internet. What happened to him?

Conservative blogger Solly Forrell, and 19 year-old Washington state resident Jay Martin were two idiots whose outrage over the health care vote on March 21st inspired them to tweet Obama Death threats. (Martin tweeted: "If I lived in DC i'd shoot him myself.. Point Blank. Dead Fucking Serious." Read all his death tweets here.) Martin's Twitter account is now down, and he hasn't responded to our emails. Solly Forrell's last tweet was a few hours after he threatened Obama. The Secret Service reportedly began investigating both of them shortly after their threats. So, are they, like, in Guantanamo Bay now or what? We emailed Secret Service expert Vince Palamara—who's interviewed dozens of former Secret Service members and been in History Channel documentaries and everything!—and he explained what likely happened to Jay ....


I don't suppose you care though that Obama got death threats for no good reason. 

Oh yah, I get it! he's a Democrat and probably was born in Kenya and is a secret Muslim, right?