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Prepare your Pantry

Posted by on Mar. 4, 2012 at 1:32 PM
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We all know that you tend to spend more on food if your running out every few days to get it (not to mention the time and gas your wasteing). Plus you still need to be able to feed your family if something happens. Say a blizzard and your snowed in (it happens a lot here).Or your car breaks down.Or maybe you don't feel good and are NOT up to shopping. So everyone should have a pantry or a  little stockpile.

It's easy to start one.

First you need to decide what items should go into your pantry. I'll post my homes list below.

Second you need to figure out how much of something you need to feed your family and for how long. I like to have at least 2 weeks worth of food on hand. MAKE A LIST.

Third you need to buy the things. Its easyest to just start with buying one more then you normally use everytime you go to the store. Eventually those one mores add up.

You could also choose to focus on just one item to stock up on at a time-usually best done when items on sale and you have a good coupon. OR  I use my wic coupons on certain things every month.we buy certain canned vegis every month. We buy fresh everytime I go to the store, so the cans just go in the pantry until we need them.One month I get all corn, next month green beans, next month tomato sauce ect.

Follow those tips and you'll have a pantry going in no time!!!!


heres whats currently in my pantry---- (does not include opened boxes of these items)



bowtie noodles-2lbs

elbow noodles-2lbs

swirly noodles-1 lb


beefstroganoff pasta sides-4 bags

tomato sauce-8 cans

green beans-6 cans

corn-5 cans

mushrooms-5 cans

olives-1 can

pinapaple-2 cans


green bannas-1 batch

spam-2 cans

canned chicken-1can

canned ham-1can

baked beans-1can

chili starter mix of beans-1can

pinto beans-3 cans

french onion soup-2cans

cream of mushroom soup-8 cans

tomato soup-6cans

manly soups (chunky soups progresso soups)-9 cans

malt o meal-3bags


rice chrispies-1box

flour-1 reg,1self rising,1whole grain

granulated sugar-1bag

powdered sugar-2 bags

choc chips-3 bags

cake mix-4 boxes

whole grain tortillas-4 pkgs

crackers-2 boxes

instant potatoes- 1 box

penut butter-2 jars

fruit preserves-2 jars


bbq sauce-2



spagetti sauce-2

vinigar-1 each kind

baking soda-2 boxes

pancake mix-1 box

muffin mix-3 bags


fried onions-1

again this doesn't include anything thats open and this is currently. All the convience foods I got for free (mac'n'cheese,pancake mixes,cake mixes,muffin mixes), and most of the soups I got for pennys. Just by using my coupons with the sales. I stock up on things when they're on sale also so thats why some things I have more then others (the lbs of spagetti and rice) Our family is 2 adults,3 kids, and one on the way.

This is just the pantry, not things that require refridgeration, or things that are open (we have open boxes of cereal,crackers,sugar ect)


by on Mar. 4, 2012 at 1:32 PM
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by Group Owner on Jul. 28, 2012 at 6:51 PM
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I'm in ohio. if SO ever gets the deep freezer he's been promising me then we totally plan on buying a share of a cow

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