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Happy Saturday night! LOL!

Posted by on Aug. 11, 2012 at 10:47 PM
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Hi ladies! Just checking in since I have a few minutes. I hope you are all enjoying your summer so far! I can't believe school will be starting in less than a month! Aaron is excited for knidergarten and has picked out a special shirt for the first day and he had fun choosing his backpack, lunchbox, and supplies. Aiden is nervous about school starting because he isn't sure who is teacher will be. He really wishes he could keep his teacher from last year and so do I! LOL! He was happy though because he did get to see his teacher from last year on Friday when I met her to give her the cd of the photoshoot she had hired me to do. SHe had wanted tp do a family shoot on the beach and I was happy to help her out with that. 

I am doing alright despite the insane pain and the summer cold we all caught. My bloodwork was good and the oncologist released me yesterday from his care so Monday I can call my other doc to discuss my knee treatments and what if anything we can do to make walking easier for me. Mike and I celebrated our 10th anniversary on Friday the 10th. We decided we will buy a new bed as our gift to each other. We just aren't sure what kind we want yet. We have heard good and bad things about the tempurpedic and the sleep number. So we have some research to do before we make a purchase. I did surprise him when he came home from work with this crazy memory foam pillow that has a cooling gel layer because he said he wanted a new pillow and I know he had been thinking about this one but didn't want to spend $35 on one pillow. I also got him a small box of collectible plastic zombies. LOL! 

Aiden's camp ended on the 3rd and he misses it. Aaron is continuing preschool until the 30th of this month and then he will have a week off before he starts kindergarten.

So what has everyone else been up to?? I miss talking to you all!! :D

by on Aug. 11, 2012 at 10:47 PM
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by Member on Aug. 12, 2012 at 7:33 AM

Hey Wendy, glad you were released from the oncologist.

We have been busy here too - summer basketball just ended last week for Tommy. It went a week longer than scheduled because of many cancellations. Backpacks are packed and ready to go. Just waiting to find out who Christopher's teacher is, because each teacher has their own list, of course.

I'm still battling my foot issues and am now sporting a lovely lace up brace. Looks like I will be having another surgery - I have tarsal tunnel syndrome. The EMG also showed that I have a problem with a muscle in my right leg, but I am not dealing with that until my left foot is fixed.  My pernicious anemia may be the main reason why I have nerve pain. That count is low, so back to the doctor every month for a shot, instead of every other for a double. Getting old sucks.

We are getting excited about our Outer Banks vacation, especially since we didn't think we would be going this year, since hubby still does not have a full-time job. My Dad paid for the vacation house because they really wanted to go this year and they didn't want to go without us.

Christopher also misses camp  - I can't believe next summer will be his last summer there. Tommy may sign up to be a CIT, so that could be fun. Christopher has two birthday parties next week, one Thursday and one Friday - nothing like everything happening at the same time.

I, too hope everyone is enjoying the summer. We'll all have to try to get together for MNO after school starts and everyone is back in a routine.


by Member on Aug. 13, 2012 at 8:22 AM

Good Morning Ladies!

I'm happy for you Wendy now maybe you can get that pain under controll in your knee.  I can't believe the summer is almost over.  Brie has 2 weeks left of camp.  But since I have a concert I am going to in the city on Thursday the 23rd, I'll be picking her up from camp early and she won't be returning for Friday the 24th which would be her last day, since I took off knowing that I'll be getting in late Thursday night,lol  My brother is coming in on the 24th, he'll be here for a week.  He's going to watch Brie since there is no camp and no school.

I haven't gotten much stuff for her for back to school, a couple of new outfits and that's about it.  This weekend she's getting a hair cut and most likely some new sneakers and a new backpack.  I'll pick up a few items for school, but since she doesn't have a list I'm not going crazy buying stuff she might not need.  Since she's heading to the middle school I'm not sure what she will and won't need.  She's do excited.  Locker night is on the 28th, so that should be fun.

Other than that I've been dealing with lots of home things...  My guy is still recovering from his rotator cuff surgery, and last week while at work someone accidently hit his bad shoulder with a table, so he's heading to the doctor today to see what damage was done, since it's still swollen and he's in more pain.  I've been driving his car all of this time since it's a stick and he hasn't been able to drive it.  So we traded cars, well he was in an accident in my car.  Not his fault, some guy was listening to his gps and it said to make a right turn, and he did, never looked nothing.  Of course he was at fault and my car's being fixed, hopefully it will be out today or tomorrow.  So my guy's been using his dad's vehicle,lol  It's been fun.  I think I might be getting my car back after it's out of the shop because his arm is regaining some strength and he can use it more and more, so he might be able to drive his car.  Don't get me wrong, I like his sports car, but I really miss mine.

Lorellyn, I hope the doctor finally fixes your foot.  I'd be up for a MNO just let me know when!!!

Have a great day ladies, I'm off to grab a cup of coffee!


** It's 5 O'clock Somewhere **

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