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Hi Ladies!  So, what do you use for birth control, or do you use anything?  Is it ok if you get pregnant right now, or is it absolutely imperative that you prevent pregnancy?  Does anyone chart their cycle?  Does charting seem too challenging  or have you mastered it?  Lots of questions :-)

by on Jul. 9, 2012 at 11:01 AM
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by Group Owner on Jul. 12, 2012 at 2:13 PM

Post period through ovulation is the watchful part.  After charting a few cycles, you should have an idea of when the egg white CM begins, and aprox when ovulation happens.  Once egg white begins, you have to consider yourself fertile to be safe.  Without the fertile CM, sperm can't get where it needs to go and therefore can't sustain life. It will begin around the same time each cycle.  So lets say it typically begins around cycle day 9 (the first day of your period is the first day of your cycle).  You will know that from approx day 9 through ovulation you need to use a condom or practice creativity with no intercourse.  Every woman is different though, so there is no cookie cutter answer, but charting will give you clues to create a blueprint to go by.  

I beleive has an android app.  I know they have an iphone app, which I have.  If not, you can always do it from your computer whenever your on.  You can enter the data anytime you want and fertility friend has lots of helpful info as well.

And to think once upon a time it was much simpler...we naturally ovulated with the full moon and bled with the new moon.  We went into a red tent to bleed and honored ourselves for a few days - no work!  <sigh>

Quoting Mommymo08:

no tmi here LOL...details are helpful.  SO, that settles second day of temp rise through period (although we dont really DTD durning autn flo) but what about post period until temp rise. If M doesnt change UNTIL ovulation is about to happen and we DTD a few days before that and sperm are still present that would not be good???

Also, is there an android app you use or know of for recordinng temps?


Quoting Drumdiva:

Even a cycle that varies within 10 days is somewhat normal because you know you always have that variant.  We have cervical mucous throughout the cycle, but just before ovulation it becomes egg white in quality.  You can stretch it between your fingers or when you whipe it's like slip and slide...sorry if thats tmi :-)  That eggwhite CM is what carries the sperm to it's destination where it meets the egg.  That is also what the sperm stays alive in as it waits for the egg.  Once ovulation occurs, the eggwhite quality CM changes to a more creamy consistency or dries up completely.  Every woman is different.  When you chart by taking your temp every morning in conjunction with monitoring your CM you not only know when you are fertile based on CM, but you also have an absolute knowing when ovulation has occured.  The progesterone that is produced at ovulation causes your temp to rise and stay "high" unitl your period starts.  The day your period starts, it dips.  

So, once you have that rise in temp, you know you have already ovulated and are no longer fertile as the "egg" unfertilized only lives 24 hours.  After two consecutive days of a temp that has risen, you are safe for unprotected sex.  Likewise, the day you will start your period your temp will take a dip indicating "aunt flow" will arrive that day, so be prepared.  It's fool proof.  Thats why charting is so empowering.  You KNOW exactly when you are fertile and exactly when you are not.  You also know exactly when flow will arrive.  

Furthermore, the time between your period and ovulation can vary.  Thats where your 10 days are coming in.  However, the time between ovulation and your period is finite.  It varies from women to women, but is between 10 and 16 days typically.  When your morning temp (aka basal body temp) stays high for 18 days or more, it is a clear sign that you are most likely pregnant.  

Hopefully that answered your question...maybe overkill, lol :-)

Quoting Mommymo08:

my periods vary by as much as 10 days from one cycle to the next so there is no "regular pattern" so to speak :(    The only thing I have been able to see/chart/look for is cervical mucous, but I thought* by the time that happens if you have DTD right before and sperm live for up to a week that that would be unreliable??  Or am I wrong?

Quoting Drumdiva:

Yeah, condoms aren't so fun.  But see that is what I find to be so great about charting.  You will begin to see regular patterns and know whereabouts you will ovulate, and then only need condoms during those few days.  Regardless of how long our cycles are, we are only fertile a few days per cycle.  But sperm can stay alive for several days...up to 5.  The good thing for you is that your ok either way with a pregnancy.  I hope it all comes together with the house and such :-)

Quoting Mommymo08:

long story short, after being on and off BCP after 1st and 2nd baby I was MISERABLE!!!  My periods arent regular, so we are using condoms (yuck) Except for the few days after my period.  My cycles are 35-40 days typically, so those days seem pretty safe.  We are onthe fence if there will be a 3rd, but would really prefer to get our home sold and move before we think about wouldn't be ideal if we got pregnant now, but we'd be ok.

by on Jul. 15, 2012 at 10:43 PM
I have not use protection havent used it in over ten years
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