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Many of Romney's Debate Claims Do Not Pass Fact-Checking Muster

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After the Presidential debate on Wednesday, a lot of the claims both of the candidates made were inspected and checked for accuracy, and while President Obama is not perfect, it was Mitt Romney's claims that really stood out as inaccurate.

For example, Mitt Romney claimed that his tax plan involved cutting taxes by 20% across all tax brackets, and off-setting those cuts by closing corporate loopholes and high-income deductions. President Obama pointed out, and it was confirmed by nonpartisan Tax Policy Center, that the closing of loopholes and high-income deductions would never cover the 20% tax cuts he was proposing, and that the money would then have to be collected by perhaps closing deductions for middle-class families.

Another false claim was that the $716 billion that is being cut from Medicare is taking benefits from Medicare beneficiaries, when in fact the money is being cut from the wasteful Medicare Advantage programs and from payments to hospitals (which hospitals have already said is fine since the mandate will ensure more of their patients can actually pay for services). No benefits will be cut, as they are guaranteed by law. Romney also insinuated that the Independent Patient Advisory Board was a "death panel" which would pick and choose who received which services, when the board is actually an oversight committee charged with keeping Medicare spending in check, NOT rationing care.

To be fair, President Obama was inaccurate in stating that health care premiums are rising at historically slow rates, which isn't true. Apparently, what he should have said was that health care spending is rising slower than at any other time. I still have hopes for that premium decrease, though, since the insurance mandate hasn't been implemented yet and that is what will truly affect our rates.

Did you watch the debates? What did you think?


by on Oct. 5, 2012 at 8:00 AM
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by on Oct. 9, 2012 at 9:42 PM
I hope that its brought up in the next debate!
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