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Boys and Feelings: How do we teach our sons to express their emotions?

Ericka Souter has a very expressive hubby, and she wants her son to find ways to explain his feelings too. Here's one way she's working to do that.

How Do We Teach Our Sons To Express Their Emotions?

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  • timon95

    timon95 Sep. 17, 11:22 AM

    both dh and ds express their feelings, sometimes they hide for a bit, but they are horrible at masking it.

  • Kmakksmom

    Kmakksmom Sep. 17, 11:23 AM

    My husband and son do a really good job with expressing their emotions.
  • MistressMinerva

    MistressMinerva Sep. 17, 12:25 PM

    My hubby and his son don't show emotions.

  • janessa27

    janessa27 Sep. 17, 1:13 PM

     DH does show his emotions- but he is such a laid back person so it takes A LOT to get him mad or upset. Our boys definitely show any emotions they have:)

  • hugss

    hugss Sep. 17, 1:16 PM

    Mine do pretty well with some prodding when needed ;)

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