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The BEST Way to Eat a Cupcake!

Why just eat a cupcake when you can eat a cupcake sandwich?! Chuck teaches Andrew how to get the perfect cake-to-frosting ratio in every delicious bite!

What is your favorite way to eat a cupcake?

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  • cemcnair

    cemcnair Yesterday 4:32 PM

    I eat mine with a fork.
  • goddess99

    goddess99 Yesterday 5:01 PM

    That has never occurred to me lol. I eat mine just regular I guess.

  • Whereismymind

    Whereismymind Yesterday 5:03 PM

    I do also

    Quoting cemcnair: I eat mine with a fork.
  • Crissy2424

    Crissy2424 Yesterday 5:10 PM


  • Crissy2424

    Crissy2424 Yesterday 5:11 PM

    Same here!

    Quoting goddess99:

    That has never occurred to me lol. I eat mine just regular I guess.

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