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Trusting Your Gut: Practice so hard that you no longer have to think about it

Chuck explains how athletes prepare to perform at the top of their game at every practice. This keeps them from over-thinking in the heat of the moment in a big game. He thinks this can be a way to approach life as well.

Do You Trust Your Gut?

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  • letstalk747

    letstalk747 Apr. 23, 11:46 AM

    i do trust my gut now , i havent always

  • RobynS

    RobynS Apr. 23, 12:13 PM

    No, I always second-guess myself. :/

  • RhiannonMare

    RhiannonMare Apr. 23, 12:22 PM

    I always trust my gut. I always trust it over the "facts" of a situation.

  • Madelaine

    Madelaine Apr. 23, 1:05 PM

    I do

  • wandep

    wandep Apr. 23, 3:47 PM


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