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Mad Life Girl Talk: Our Favorite Beauty Secrets

Mad Life Girl Talk: Our Favorite Beauty Secrets

What Are Your Best Kept Beauty Secrets?

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  • johnny4ever

    johnny4ever Aug. 27, 7:57 AM

    Use Nozxema before bedtime every night my Gram told me.

  • LaniBee

    LaniBee Aug. 27, 8:16 AM

    I use organic, raw honey and/or coconut oil for everything, head to toe. 

  • jellyphish

    jellyphish Aug. 27, 9:36 AM

    No soap.
    Home made scrubs, masks, astringents.
    End every shower and face wash with a cool rinse.
    Coconut oil and Tshirts instead of conditioner and towels for my hair.
    Smiles and confidence.
  • sarahjz

    sarahjz Aug. 27, 9:45 AM

    None.  My mom didn't teach me anything about beauty.  I don't really have any tips to share...

  • wandep

    wandep Aug. 27, 10:22 AM

    I don't have any either.

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