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Chivalry: How to say "I Love You"

There's a difference between saying "Luv U" in a text and spelling the words out in full – and it matters!

Should We Bring Chivalry Back?

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  • TigerofMu

    TigerofMu Jul. 16, 9:59 AM

     What a great discussion.  I love the guy that held the door because he is a gentleman :).  I think chivalry is excellent, and it can be simple politeness.  I am thankful when I meet someone who is chivalrous!

  • momofsixangels

    momofsixangels Jul. 16, 10:30 AM

    Yes it should be brought back. What happened to good manners?

  • LindaClement

    LindaClement Jul. 16, 10:38 AM

    Men don't have to anything: people can be chivalrous, and no gender distinction is necessary.

    If the person behind you is coming through the same door, hold it open for them without checking their underpants' contents first.

  • sarahjz

    sarahjz Jul. 16, 11:12 AM

    I think we should bring common courtesy back.  

  • cabrandy03

    cabrandy03 Jul. 16, 12:51 PM

    Sure some common courtesy would be nice :-)

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