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Unsympathetic Women: Ask your Mother-in-Law!

Joanie has a husband who is never sick and doesn't want her sympathy, so she's able to be a substitute mother to her son-in-law, Andrew when he's looking for some pity!

Are Women Unsympathetic or Are Men Just Babies?

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  • Crissy2424

    Crissy2424 Oct. 15, 4:46 PM

    I agree that if men get injured by doing something that you could have avoided then why get a lot of sympothy? LOL. Women do need to know that the men are tough no matter what and can be there for their women. 

  • abra

    abra Oct. 15, 5:28 PM

    Sorry, ladies, I agree with the guys on this one! Women should be compassionate when their hubby's are hurt. Does that mean it is ok for men to complain? Hell no! But even if your guy is complaining, that is no reason to be mean to them. And yes, I do try to help my husband when he gets hurt (no matter how he does it) because I love him! And last time I checked, his mama didn't take care of him while wearing lingerie — so it certainly isn't a mom thing! lol!

    Men and Women are strong in different ways — one is not stronger then the other. Trying to compare them is like comparing an apple to a carrot! So not the same thing!
  • Kmakksmom

    Kmakksmom Oct. 15, 5:37 PM

    My husband is always a baby when he's sick, even for a simple cold.  I am rarely sympathetic to my husband when he hurts because of two things: 1...he's never sympathetic to me, and 2...his "injuries" tend to be more like "the boy who cries wolf".   He moans and groans about every little thing even nothing, so when the bigger things happen, no one is sympathetic at all.

  • Saucy1

    Saucy1 Oct. 15, 6:15 PM

    My hubby whines when ever he is sick. I'm not mean to him and try to be sympathetic, but he aggravates me.
  • goddess99

    goddess99 Oct. 15, 8:00 PM

    This video made me laugh. Thankfully my dh isn't like that. I can't handle babymen.

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