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Back-to-School Shopping: Say “No” with Humor

Chuck and Personal Financial Expert Michelle Singletary share ways that you can tell your kids “no” and still make them laugh!

Back-to-School Shopping: Can You Save Money?

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  • wandep

    wandep Yesterday 8:49 AM

    We're having back to school no sales tax weekend starting this Friday. :) So that will be nice. You can get school supplies and clothes up to a certain amount with no sales tax added on. :) Can't wait!

  • brittany208

    brittany208 Yesterday 8:53 AM

    we are watching sales circulars
  • la1118

    la1118 Yesterday 9:00 AM

    I am sorting through all the stuff they brought home at the end of last year to see if anything can still be used. I know for sure we already have several pencil boxes and some unused glue sticks, as well as pencils and scissors. I will also scan the sales ads to comparison shop.
  • sarahjz

    sarahjz Yesterday 10:34 AM

    We won't have to buy new clothes yet....maybe in the fall.

  • othermom

    othermom Yesterday 11:48 AM

    We buy clothes year round on clearance to ave money and fill in with second hand stuff. Supplies so far has not been to bad,  I just got their lists and wll be starting to get their stuff.

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