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Mad Life Beauty Break – Jennifer Lopez-Inspired Makeover

Can a real mom get Jennifer Lopez’s voluminous hair and glowing skin? The Mad Life Glam Squad is here to teach us that with the right products, any mom can go from drab to fab!

What Are Your Secrets For The Perfect Hair?

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  • proudmommy690

    proudmommy690 Sep. 12, 7:46 AM

    My hair is nowhere near perfect lol
  • wandep

    wandep Sep. 12, 8:34 AM

    Wish I knew! LOL 

  • hugss

    hugss Sep. 12, 9:29 AM

    Wish I knew ;)

  • GranoliGirl

    GranoliGirl Sep. 12, 9:30 AM

    Vinegar makes your hair shiny, and coconut oil is a great deep conditioner

  • janessa27

    janessa27 Sep. 12, 9:56 AM

     I am still trying to find it! lol

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