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How do you keep food from becoming the focus of your everyday life?

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  • tayanddyl

    tayanddyl Jan. 2, 5:42 PM

     It's almost impossible living in New Orleans.  But I have to remind myself I lost 20 lbs, I don't want to regain them!

  • MsBlueBelle

    MsBlueBelle Jan. 2, 5:50 PM

     just so you know i don't just sit here on cafemom and whine about my situation, i cleaned out my email files today and i discovered in 2012, i sent out over 2,700 emails to any charity, celebrity, news programs, tv shows, news papers, companies, you name it i sent them a letter and was shot down each and every time.  even hugh hefner on wife number  2 billion could care less, i bet i could live in his garage and still have heat and hot water

  • abra

    abra Jan. 2, 6:30 PM

    I take issue with saying it is as simple as calorie counting because the truth is *not all calories are created equal*! Instead of substituting mayo for imitation spreads, try making your mayo from scratch. Your body knows how to process real foods! You'd be amazed at how much real food I eat!
  • KaylaMillar

    KaylaMillar Jan. 2, 7:20 PM

    I try to keep my mind off of it.
  • slw123

    slw123 Jan. 2, 8:44 PM

    Food is fuel for my body.  One's body is what one puts into it. 

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