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Why do resolutions rarely stick?

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  • louannwilkins

    louannwilkins Jan. 1, 8:11 AM

    I think most people make unrealistic ones.  Really if we want to make changes in our life we can and should do it anytime.  I always say I don't make resolutions but that I have intentions.  lol

  • MamaBear2cubs

    MamaBear2cubs Jan. 1, 9:11 AM

    I think because there is to much pressure with them.

  • brownhoney21

    brownhoney21 Jan. 1, 10:26 AM

     I think some set there golds to high and try to reach a certain point to soon.

  • KaylaMillar

    KaylaMillar Jan. 1, 10:28 AM

    People don't have the character they use to have. When you say your going to do something, stick to it!
  • 4kidz916

    4kidz916 Jan. 1, 10:43 AM

    I think it's because we set goals that are too hard to meet.  I think it's better to set small goals that can be met at milestones throughout the year, that way we feel as if we are accomplishing something and that makes it easier to stay on track.

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