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Why do resolutions rarely stick?

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  • Sisteract

    Sisteract Jan. 2, 10:17 PM

    It has to be a realistic goal. If you wear a size 22 and have never in your adult life worn a 2, you'll likely never reach a 2- aiming for a 12 would be more realistic.
  • chrissysnow22

    chrissysnow22 Jan. 3, 1:42 AM

    I think because change takes time and so often we want instant gratification.
  • heather4511

    heather4511 Jan. 4, 9:44 PM

    I have always heard that people start too high with their resolutions making them unrealistic. I try not to make any resolutions and just make it a habit to do something daily to get me where i ultimately want to be.
  • SweetLuci

    SweetLuci Mar. 9, 5:39 PM

    Too unrealstic. Being too vague. Not setting guidelines. Quitting when you slip just a bit instead of forgiving yourself and resarting.
  • Crissy2424

    Crissy2424 May. 3, 9:36 PM

    We set them so high and expect so much. I lowered mine to just sticking to working out. I didn't set how much or how often. I just did mine to work out in general. I've been keeping it so far!

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