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Why do resolutions rarely stick?

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  • Bob192

    Bob192 Dec. 31, 4:34 PM

    If we really want to do something, we'll do it.  Not wait for a specific day to do it.

  • Albond86

    Albond86 Dec. 31, 4:47 PM

    Totally agree with this

    Quoting hugss:

    I think people make too many *unrealistic* ones & then can't follow through ;)

  • cnieno24

    cnieno24 Dec. 31, 6:36 PM

    Most people make New Year's resolutions but they don't stick with the resolutions because they think that they cant accomplish their goals. Its hard to commit to anything in these times. I try so hard to come up with small goals and I can't even accomplish those and they are similar to my New Year's resolutions.
  • aidensmomma508

    aidensmomma508 Dec. 31, 8:47 PM

    People don't stick to them basically
  • kellynh

    kellynh Jan. 1, 8:02 AM

    They are unrealistic...  And too long term.. If people said by Jan 15th I will.... Ect... And make more short term goals... They would have more of a chance.

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