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Do you and your spouse share everything?

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  • JennMcBride

    JennMcBride Jan. 9, 12:47 PM

    We share everything lol. I don't think he remembers all the passwords but he tells me his so he dosen't forget lol. 

  • abra

    abra Jan. 9, 1:02 PM

    Ha, ha! Yeah, the open door dump, not necessary, although not the end of the world if it does happen. After four HG pregnancies and four labor and deliveries (all with my hubby there)I learned that he is the only person I am truly 100% comfortable with. There were several times where I needed his help getting out of bed, let alone taking a shower, bathrooms and barfing... there are lots of indelicate situations I needed help with and he was there for me and that strengthened our bond. But for the everyday topics aside from bodily functions, yes, we share everything. Marriage is the act of two people who are trying to become one. What do you think sex represents? If you are unwilling to be completely open with your spouse and share everything, you are holding on to a piece of your individuality and that (on some level or another) automatically dooms the enjoyability and/or success rate of your marriage. Marriage is an all or nothing endeavor. If you aren't willing to share everything with your spouse, then you aren't ready to commit to a marriage. Trust is earned, it is not a given. It is when we blindly trust another human being that we end up getting hurt the worst.
  • countrygirlkat

    countrygirlkat Jan. 9, 1:06 PM

    We share everything.  We are each other's best friend and we are the only people each of us trusts 100% so there is no reason not so share everything. 

  • Rushn311

    Rushn311 Jan. 9, 1:36 PM

    I share mostly everything with my hubby. If I can't share things with him, that just feels strange to me...some things I just can't share that are about him, I go to my best friend. LOL

  • C8linVilla

    C8linVilla Jan. 9, 1:44 PM

    I have only pooped while my husband was home maybe 10 times lol. And ONLY when he is sleeping or playing xbox! idk its simply weird to me! I dont fart in front of him and i very rarely burp. some things are simply for those who do it. Hubs on the other hand poops with the door open! Tells me if he is constipated or whatever. but he is a man lol

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