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Do you and your spouse share everything?

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  • vinalex0581

    vinalex0581 Jan. 9, 1:51 PM

    i'm the same way. i don't feel comfortable burping and farting in front of my SO but he feels the total opposite with me.

    my SO burps and farts in front of me all of the time, lol!!

    oh well. guys will be guys.

    Quoting C8linVilla:

    I have only pooped while my husband was home maybe 10 times lol. And ONLY when he is sleeping or playing xbox! idk its simply weird to me! I dont fart in front of him and i very rarely burp. some things are simply for those who do it. Hubs on the other hand poops with the door open! Tells me if he is constipated or whatever. but he is a man lol

  • meliscool72

    meliscool72 Jan. 9, 1:51 PM

    we share a lot of things, but getting into eachothers wallets/purses is a HUGE NO NO

  • h0tp0t

    h0tp0t Jan. 9, 1:51 PM

    We've been together for seven years and I think at this point we just share everything out of laziness... It takes too much work to hide it.

  • BabyTeki

    BabyTeki Jan. 9, 1:51 PM

    We do
  • Retrokitty

    Retrokitty Jan. 9, 1:52 PM

    I share everything with DF. He is my best friend and I am totally comfortable with him.

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