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Do you and your spouse share everything?

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  • cmabbott

    cmabbott Jan. 9, 1:53 PM

    We share everything as well.  The only privacy I get is when I'm in the shower (which it's not like he's never seen the goods before lol). 

  • kailu1835

    kailu1835 Jan. 9, 1:54 PM

    We give each other privacy while pooping, but I think that's just about it.  We have each other's passwords... it's been necessary at one time or another to use the other's email, to retrieve important information or whatnot, and I am the one who helped him set up his facebook account, so I know the password, and I pay the bills, so I have his bank account login info, etc etc.

    Honestly, I think the line should be drawn where the individual couple thinks it should be. 

    I have to say... until I had my first son, my husband had never seen me pee.  A few days after he watched me give birth, I was sitting on the toilet one day with the door open (so I could listen for the baby), and he came to the door and started talking to me.... I was like, excuse me!  And he laughed, realized I was peeing, and said "I guess it doesn't seem as big of a deal now lol"

  • butterflycircle

    butterflycircle Jan. 9, 1:55 PM

    We are very open. We don't keep things from each other. I have my passwords and he has his but I have told him mine several times and he has told me a few of his when I needed them in order to access his accounts for stuff (amazon mostly lol). He is far to open about pooping and I just tell him that I don't do that lol. If there was a problem then we could share that. Before he had a hemeroid and wasn't sure what it was and so he showed me (it might sound weird but it was something that we could do openly). I had an intestinal flu in the fall and I was able to tell him that and then after that it was right back to "I don't do that" once he knew and once I was feeling better lol. 

  • C8linVilla

    C8linVilla Jan. 9, 1:55 PM

    Does he fart at the kitchen table?? This is a huge issue for me LOL I hate that! He is like but it slipped im like How did it slip when you move half your butt off the chair to let it out! Grrr men are frustrating at times hahaha

    Quoting vinalex0581:

    i'm the same way. i don't feel comfortable burping and farting in front of my SO but he feels the total opposite with me.

    my SO burps and farts in front of me all of the time, lol!!

    oh well. guys will be guys.

    Quoting C8linVilla:

    I have only pooped while my husband was home maybe 10 times lol. And ONLY when he is sleeping or playing xbox! idk its simply weird to me! I dont fart in front of him and i very rarely burp. some things are simply for those who do it. Hubs on the other hand poops with the door open! Tells me if he is constipated or whatever. but he is a man lol

  • Charmedby3

    Charmedby3 Jan. 9, 1:56 PM

    We share everything but the bathroom we leave each other alone when the other is in there

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