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Do you and your spouse share everything?

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  • emilyrosenj

    emilyrosenj Jan. 10, 7:53 PM

    we don't share everything, no... I have a private bank account which he knows about but has no access to. My phone is a work phone so no he does not have access to that. He knows most of the account passwords but rarely uses them. We have always shared bathroom time so that's no biggie.
  • 25beengoodtome

    25beengoodtome Jan. 10, 8:01 PM

    Gas happens acidently. Pooping. MUST be done with TOTAL privacy, A bath or shower, eh- s/o can walk in, no problem there.
  • TexaBamaBaby

    TexaBamaBaby Jan. 10, 10:55 PM

    DH has seen it all and cleaned up after every bodily function of mine from vomit to blood. After 4 pregnancies and births, cancer treatments and a very personal intestinal surgery, there is nothing left of my dignity. Nothing embarrasses me much anymore to talk about--especially not with DH.
    I do, however, prefer not to tend to my bathroom needs with him around. Even though he took care of me during the steep learning curve with my medical appliance and cleaned me up countless times, I'd rather take care of it myself now that I can.
    Passwords and such? Pffthh! No big deal to share those! :)
  • Familyart

    Familyart Jan. 10, 11:08 PM

    So very true!

    Quoting abra:

    Ha, ha! Yeah, the open door dump, not necessary, although not the end of the world if it does happen. After four HG pregnancies and four labor and deliveries (all with my hubby there)I learned that he is the only person I am truly 100% comfortable with. There were several times where I needed his help getting out of bed, let alone taking a shower, bathrooms and barfing... there are lots of indelicate situations I needed help with and he was there for me and that strengthened our bond. But for the everyday topics aside from bodily functions, yes, we share everything. Marriage is the act of two people who are trying to become one. What do you think sex represents? If you are unwilling to be completely open with your spouse and share everything, you are holding on to a piece of your individuality and that (on some level or another) automatically dooms the enjoyability and/or success rate of your marriage. Marriage is an all or nothing endeavor. If you aren't willing to share everything with your spouse, then you aren't ready to commit to a marriage. Trust is earned, it is not a given. It is when we blindly trust another human being that we end up getting hurt the worst.

  • pualani23

    pualani23 Jan. 11, 2:31 AM

    I think some privacy would be nice, but it doesn't exist in my bathroom door will be locked for me to use the bathroom or to "relax" in the tub and if my man isn't barging in, its my 5year old o_O and if anything on my phone is locked or logged out, it's considered suspicious... But Heaven forbid I go through my mans phone... He woulda flip shit

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