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Do you and your spouse share everything?

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  • Deirdre39

    Deirdre39 Jan. 19, 8:34 AM

    No we need our own space and time
  • copperswifey

    copperswifey Feb. 25, 9:29 AM

    We are both open books. Neither one of us has passwords on our phones. We actually have one email address that we both use. I figure if you have nothing to hide then who cares. :)
  • copperswifey

    copperswifey Feb. 25, 9:47 AM

    LOL We don't feel the need to share everything but at the same time we don't hide anything either. We are open books. He is free to look at all my stuff and I am free to look at all his things. I really don't feel the need to snoop all the time. It's boring lol
  • Bmat

    Bmat Feb. 25, 10:04 AM

    He doesn't with me. I tend to share more with him, but there are health problems that I delay telling him about until I can't stand to not tell him anymore.

  • arpazia

    arpazia Feb. 25, 10:53 AM

    This. He can have access to everything from pw to purse.

    Quoting vixen42:

    he can have my passwords but as for doing number 2 thats private and unless there was a reason like illness its not happening

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