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Do you and your spouse share everything?

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  • nebraskamomto2

    nebraskamomto2 Jan. 9, 2:08 PM

     I think spouses should share everything.  No secrets.  But going to the bathroom in front of eachother? Ew, why?  Personally, I've never gone to the bathroom in front of someone else, and I don't burp or fart in front of my SO.  My ex H used to burp, fart, and talk about his constipation and bathroom habits all the time, and honestly it grossed me out.  I found it disgusting and a huge turn off.  Giving birth is one things, but taking a dump in front of hubby on a regular basis?  Um no, not me.

  • Lilys_mama1222

    Lilys_mama1222 Jan. 9, 2:09 PM

    We share every thing lol I don't care if he comes in the bathroom while I'm going potty. And he has all my passwords the only time I change the password and don't have it to him is around his birthday cuz I don't want him to know what he's getting... other then that there are no secrets lol he knows when I'm pooping and what not mostly cuz I stand up and say I gotta poop lol
  • thecoffeefairy

    thecoffeefairy Jan. 9, 2:11 PM


    Quoting Charmedby3:

    We share everything but the bathroom we leave each other alone when the other is in there

  • Vixcalamity

    Vixcalamity Jan. 9, 2:15 PM

    I don't poop in front of him if I can avoid it but if he happens to walk in, I just don't care. He got to see my insides laid on my outsides during an emergency csection plus some other fun things through are almost 9 year marriage and 12 years together as a couple. He will watch the csection again. I really am not a shy person and we are super close. There is something to be said about trying to hide a little bit of bodily functions. He will love and cherish no matter what but I would still like to keep my sex appeal as much as possible. ;-)
  • wannabgypsy

    wannabgypsy Jan. 9, 2:18 PM

    i dont tell him everything i spend money on because he complains when it is ok for him to spend on things i would never buy . So it is a working progress i work and contribute to the bills i have heard you save a lil ,spend a lil a give a lil!!!

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