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Do you and your spouse share everything?

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  • bchic24

    bchic24 Jan. 9, 2:18 PM

    We are very open! We know every password, and we talk freely about upset stomachs and other issues BUT I like my potty time to be just me lol. My husband and I will come in and per while the other is showering but neither one of us is really interested in seeing the other have a bowel movemt lol.
  • coupon_ash_back

    coupon_ash_back Jan. 9, 2:19 PM

    we share everything. NORMAL bodily functions arent secretive to us. Not a big deal..

  • MamaScho88

    MamaScho88 Jan. 9, 2:21 PM

     My husband and I share everything...we don't share passwords thougu because there really isn't anything I would need his password for and vice versa...he only has an email through the college and only uses it for school work....I only go on cafemom and and he doesnt care to look at that lol we share all of our secrets and walk in on eachother in the bathroom/shower no big deal...I think the only thing we dont do in front of eachother is poo lol I knock before I go in and ask what he is doing first and if thats what he is doing I wont go in and give him his privacy, and he does the same for me...other than that anything goes :)

  • CJsMommy92

    CJsMommy92 Jan. 9, 2:23 PM

    It honestly depends on the people in the realtionship. Some people need privacy to feel like their own person. My husband and I share everything. I know his passwords and he knows mine. We are both comfortable and happy like this

  • GwenMB

    GwenMB Jan. 9, 2:26 PM

    We don't have each other's passwords, but we would give them to the other if needed.  I could still check his email or fb if I wanted since he has his own laptop so I could just go on it & look.  But I completely trust him so there really is no need.

    We do give complete privacy for bathroom stuff, though.  I'm like Joanie in that.  Keep a little mystery!

    We do share everything else, though, that is at all significant to either one.  I don't share secrets my friends have told me, but otherwise, I tell him everything.

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