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Do you and your spouse share everything?

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  • vinalex0581

    vinalex0581 Jan. 9, 1:45 PM

    we share everything.

    we feel comfortable pooping in front of each other but for someone reason he refuses to wipe in front of me.

    i have asked him why before but he just said i just don't feel comfortable doing that.

  • frankiesma530

    frankiesma530 Jan. 9, 1:47 PM

    We do share everything but you won't catch us dropping deuces in front of each other. LOL
  • C8linVilla

    C8linVilla Jan. 9, 1:47 PM

    But everything else We know each others passwords(but he never uses any of his stuff lol so doesnt matter) and I let him on my fb and what not all the time. Nothing to hide there. I am not a fan of him in the room with my giving birth but thats because i dont want him to SEE me poop while in labor LOL which only happened with my oldest. but other then that we are open and tell each other everything. but body functions is something I think should be kept to yourself

  • MommySwiggles

    MommySwiggles Jan. 9, 1:48 PM

    We share everything.  He doesn't bug me when I am in the bathroom but if he needs to come in, it's no big deal.  He has seen me give birth 3 times.  Nothing left to hide haha.

  • kameka

    kameka Jan. 9, 1:51 PM

    We're of the mind, regarding bodily functions, that if it happens it happens, but we don't really aknowledge it. Everything else is shared with enthusiasm lol

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