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Are you living the life you dreamed about as a kid?

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  • carol517

    carol517 Mar. 8, 3:42 AM

    just so so
  • MomRocs1102

    MomRocs1102 Mar. 9, 6:14 PM

    hell no, dont get me wrong im happy with my dh and kids but as for school and career nope
  • Kalic0

    Kalic0 Mar. 10, 8:57 PM

    As a kid I did want to be a singer (though, the only "talent" show on TV was the Gong Show). I actually didn't suck either. I sang solos and choir and won state level singing competitions. However, for a variety of reasons I decided not to pursue it as a career, and I don't regret it.
  • busymommy23

    busymommy23 Mar. 12, 2:57 AM

    Joanie you hit the nail on the head for sure.......You are awesome :)
  • Sisteract

    Sisteract Apr. 8, 12:12 AM

    I have a good life.

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