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Are you living the life you dreamed about as a kid?

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  • londamg

    londamg Jan. 16, 3:44 PM

     i regret quiting my job and becoming  stay at omemom. i love my kis and dont mind being ere but finacially i need to work but now that ive been out of work for so manyyears and haveverylittle experience no one seems to ant to hre me no

  • 4kidz916

    4kidz916 Jan. 16, 3:48 PM

    I've changed my dreams to suit where I ended up in life.  I do regret being so busy over the past few years that I havent' taken enough time for me so that has changed for this year and I'm taking time to do some craft projects that I've been wanting to do.

  • mapendo

    mapendo Jan. 16, 3:50 PM

    i am not even close my life is such a mess n the only beautiful thing in it is my daughter,the rest is just not working,bt God said be greatful in all situation n so am trying ,i pray that i do succeed
  • countrygirlkat

    countrygirlkat Jan. 16, 3:50 PM

    My dreams have just changed as time goes by. 

  • hollydaze1974

    hollydaze1974 Jan. 16, 3:54 PM

    I just changed the dream... Insanely. Yeah, I had my perfect future laid out in H.S. but then reality happened. I put dreams on hold, and made happiness of reality... Now the dreams don't look as rosy as what reality has given me... For the most part, anyway:-)

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