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Are you living the life you dreamed about as a kid?

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  • tifbrown

    tifbrown Jan. 16, 4:39 PM

    No regrets, learned from my mistakes. 

  • lalasmama2007

    lalasmama2007 Jan. 16, 4:49 PM

    No, not exactly.  I've changed a lot of my dreams.

  • Bmat

    Bmat Jan. 16, 5:05 PM

    Good point. I have changed my dreams to fit my life. :)

  • momofsixangels

    momofsixangels Jan. 16, 5:29 PM

    I have many many regrets.I wish there was so much I could change

  • pampire

    pampire Jan. 16, 5:36 PM

    I wish I had stuck with piano lessons in middle school and taken Spanish rather than German.

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