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Are you living the life you dreamed about as a kid?

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  • smilelove

    smilelove Jan. 23, 10:59 PM

    At first I was, then everything hit the fan when tragic accidents happen.
  • meam4444

    meam4444 Jan. 24, 10:27 AM

    I am in a some what different place.
  • Hottmomma607

    Hottmomma607 Jan. 29, 4:42 PM

    Partially! LOL I wanted to be married with kids and I am that! But I am not doing what I wanted to do when I grew up! But its ok!
  • Sun_Shine_990

    Sun_Shine_990 Jan. 31, 11:44 AM

    Am I living the life I dreamed of as a kid? Heck no, of course I'm not... funny thing is I was talking to my mother in law about this just this past weekend too... I did not picture myself here where I am right now... But I am happy right now with the life I have now though... I however do not think that I will stop my kids(the one I have now and any I have in the futre) from dreaming as big as they want to though... I mean I had wild and crazy dreams up to the moment I started falling for my dh and I turned out ok... So yeah dream big and shut for the stares that is what I always, no matter what... yes there comes a time in your life when you get shot back down to earth and get a big reality check but still it's great to dream big while you still... I see nothing wrong with letting kids dream big... jmo thouh.. to each their own...

    CUTTHECYCLE Jan. 31, 5:43 PM


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