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Are you living the life you dreamed about as a kid?

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  • Charizma77

    Charizma77 Feb. 4, 9:53 PM

    Pretty much. Haven't written a novel, otherwise I am ;)
  • kellynh

    kellynh Feb. 5, 8:42 AM

    Nope... I'd be a princess!! Lol
  • Madelaine

    Madelaine Feb. 5, 10:40 AM

  • Madelaine

    Madelaine Feb. 5, 10:40 AM

    Umm, yes pretty much!
  • MsBlueBelle

    MsBlueBelle Feb. 5, 12:25 PM

    Yes, as far as my career went, and the goals I set for myself. I never thought I would have children and now I have two adult children. I never thought I would have to be medically retired at age 40, but I got used to that, too. I have had a mixed bag of good and bad, but the good has far out weighed the bad. So, I am happy, I have a great retirement funded plan and both my children have their professional degrees so they will not be moving home anytime soon. The only thing I wish I had was grandchildren. I worked so much as a parent, I have lots of time and money to spoil grandchidren, but my children have both emphatically said NO to grandchildren. So, I spoil other peoples children.

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