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Do You Have a Favorite Child?

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  • la_bella_vita

    la_bella_vita Apr. 2, 9:43 AM

    No, I do not
  • goddess99

    goddess99 Apr. 2, 9:58 AM

    My dd is my favorite person. I only have 1 child.

  • aneela

    aneela Apr. 2, 10:10 AM

    i only have one and he is the love and joy of my life and most def my fave :)

  • Madelaine

    Madelaine Apr. 2, 10:33 AM


  • GypsiSky

    GypsiSky Apr. 2, 10:45 AM

    I don't. I give the younger ones more of my undivided attention (as necessary), but I love them all equally.

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