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Do You Have a Favorite Child?

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  • sukainah

    sukainah Apr. 2, 10:57 AM

    I love my kids equally.  But there is my oldest son who has been easier than my youngest son.  So I have had to spend some more time with my youngest.  I think he is like me so I have to know how to deal with him LOL

  • pittymama

    pittymama Apr. 2, 10:57 AM

    i have one child and she is my favorite :)
  • sukainah

    sukainah Apr. 2, 10:59 AM

    Yes, this is how I feel.

    Quoting kmqw229:

    No, but I feel like I love them in different ways

  • sukainah

    sukainah Apr. 2, 11:00 AM

    I agree

    Quoting GwenMB:

    They each have their moments where they are my favorite, but overall, no one is my favorite.

  • sukainah

    sukainah Apr. 2, 11:02 AM

    Yes, I have to spend more time with my youngest son but I love my kids equally.

    Quoting GypsiSky:

    I don't. I give the younger ones more of my undivided attention (as necessary), but I love them all equally.

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