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Do You Have a Favorite Child?

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  • 4kidz916

    4kidz916 Apr. 2, 12:19 PM

    I love my kids all equally.

  • Leelee1008

    Leelee1008 Apr. 2, 12:21 PM

    no i dont

  • LindaClement

    LindaClement Apr. 2, 1:01 PM

    My girls are so different from one another that I appreciate them for different things.

    One of them thinks the same way I do, so a lot of parenting her has been easier, which is relaxing and affirming.

    One of them thinks like her dad, so although it's familiar, it's far less intuitive. It's been harder, which is refreshing and caused far more personal growth for me.

    They are different people, and show (and feel) love in different ways. I could never have been 'the same' with both of them without one always feeling alienated by it.

  • BabyTeki

    BabyTeki Apr. 2, 1:14 PM

  • Bob192

    Bob192 Apr. 2, 1:30 PM

    They are all different and I love them in different ways!

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