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Can Women Ever REALLY Rule the World?

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  • Leelee1008

    Leelee1008 Apr. 22, 1:03 PM

    little do men know, women make the world go rond.. if it werent for us tv remotes would be lost forever, they would starve, wear dirty clothes and use their hands to wipe.... jut sayin

  • Bmat

    Bmat Apr. 22, 1:09 PM

    As much as I like to see women in charge, I feel that having babies and the nurturing instincts of motherhood hold some back. Some can surmount these, but from what I've found, the men have the advantage and are given preference, even by women.

  • MamaMandee

    MamaMandee Apr. 22, 3:21 PM

    I would like to think we could. 

  • Janet

    Janet Apr. 22, 3:38 PM


    Quoting Rushn311:

    No. I just think it will always be a mans world.

  • MrsRobinson06

    MrsRobinson06 Apr. 22, 4:23 PM

    Some can just like not every man could do it better. I rule my world lol.

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