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Who Comes First, Your Spouse or Your Kids?

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  • Bob192

    Bob192 Apr. 24, 3:33 PM

    I feel like I have to have a strong relationship with my husband for my kids to feel secure.  When our relationship is good the kids are happier.  It is really hard to balance though, sometimes things get so busy with the kids.

  • Bmat

    Bmat Apr. 24, 4:12 PM

    This is a hard one. I'd say it depends on the situation.

  • sanj1213

    sanj1213 Apr. 24, 5:00 PM

    I agree!

    Quoting Hottmomma607:

    There isn't t anything that happens in my life that I need to choose my children or my husband! My kids have their basic needs day to day,that's a given! We also focus on our marriage we believe in a strong,healthy foundation that keeps our family together! And if there is time were we need to take time for our marriage,kids don't suffer from it! They enjoy mom&dad 'dating'! :-)

  • KaylaMillar

    KaylaMillar Apr. 24, 5:25 PM

    My spouse. If dh and I aren't in on good terms it effects the kids. By no means are my children's needs not met
  • SarahSuzyQ

    SarahSuzyQ Apr. 24, 6:02 PM

    This is such a loaded question. But I truly believe that our marriage needs to be strong in order to be good parents... And yet there are times when we as adults have to set ourselves aside in order to meet our son's needs first. I guess I'd say it's pretty even.

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