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Who Comes First, Your Spouse or Your Kids?

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  • OliviasMommy611

    OliviasMommy611 Apr. 24, 8:37 PM

    But if I had to choose, id say my kid.
  • countrygirlkat

    countrygirlkat Apr. 24, 8:45 PM

    If the kids have an immediate need then of course we take care of that immediately but if a need is not immediate then DH and I do tend to our relationship.

  • brittany208

    brittany208 Apr. 24, 9:22 PM

    For me, it is definitely spouse, kids, myself. Because that's what the Bible mandates, and so that's what I try to live by. Obviously if my kids are bleeding and DH wants me to watch a move with him, I'm going to take care of bleeding first. But my spouse should always know that he is absolutely the most important person in my life and always will be. We provide a good, strong marriage and stable family in which our kids can thrive.
  • BabyTeki

    BabyTeki Apr. 24, 9:52 PM

    Kids but husband is right there
  • timon95

    timon95 Apr. 24, 9:53 PM

    kids do.

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