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Who Comes First, Your Spouse or Your Kids?

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  • babyboxfish

    babyboxfish Apr. 26, 2:31 AM


  • SlightlyPerfect

    SlightlyPerfect Apr. 26, 8:18 AM


    I can't think of any real situation in which I've have to choose. But if I did, most of the time I would ethically choose my spouse, unless he's doing something unethical or both of them were dying and I could only save one--some stupid, out-of-the norm situation like that, which will never happen.

  • lazyd

    lazyd Apr. 26, 8:44 PM

    My kids.  They are part blood and I cant get rid of them!  LOL!  But I cant get rid of my husband!  :)

  • BusyQueenBee74

    BusyQueenBee74 Apr. 26, 8:44 PM

    My children come first... always <3
  • ambermario4ever

    ambermario4ever Apr. 27, 8:33 PM

    In my life God comes first then my husband and children both come second 

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