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Do You Speak Your Partner's Love Language?

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  • elasmimi

    elasmimi Apr. 29, 3:22 PM

    I think for both of us it is touch. But I am also big on quality time, while he feels any time together is enough, even if I'm buried in a book and he is watching tv.

  • la_bella_vita

    la_bella_vita Apr. 29, 5:13 PM

     We each have a different language and we each know what the other's is.

  • RobynS

    RobynS Apr. 29, 6:24 PM

    I would say we are terrible at speaking each other's love language. :/

  • SarahSuzyQ

    SarahSuzyQ Apr. 29, 7:11 PM

    Mine is quality time and acts of service, with every other love language coming in way behind. I struggle in making sure DH feels loved in other ways, but I know he really thrives on physical touch. Even though it's not a natural fit, being aware of how to communicate love has been really helpful in the relationship.

  • brittany208

    brittany208 Apr. 29, 7:11 PM

    yes. we aren't clearly in one category or another, but we would rank ours similarly, i think.

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