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Do You Speak Your Partner's Love Language?

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  • GypsiSky

    GypsiSky Apr. 29, 11:48 AM

    My husband is very very affectionate... And I LOVE it. He also loves giving me gifts... But I do the same with him.
  • BabyTeki

    BabyTeki Apr. 29, 12:01 PM

    His is physical, I crav words of affirmation.
  • goddess99

    goddess99 Apr. 29, 12:01 PM

    I like have quality time and the physical touch. I like the surprise idea too.

  • Rushn311

    Rushn311 Apr. 29, 12:03 PM

    I would say for me it would be just being with each other, little love taps, squeezes of the butt, kisses and would be for him too, but also sex. I seriously couldn't care less about sex. Once in a while is fine for me.

    We have great communication too!

  • veganistic

    veganistic Apr. 29, 12:07 PM

    his is gifts, mine is acts of service. No, lol. I'm terrible at giving gifts (so i usually just buy his favorite ice cream or something if i want to do something special for him for no reason), he doesnt like to clean or help out... ugh. He also really appreciates words of encouragement. Unfortunately, i'm naturally inclined to offer criticism. 

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