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Do You Speak Your Partner's Love Language?

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  • Leelee1008

    Leelee1008 Apr. 29, 10:53 AM

    My S/O apparent "love language" well he must be mute b/c he just doesnt get it. A few nice words and a little time one on one would go a long way

  • othermom

    othermom Apr. 29, 10:54 AM

    I would rather have time together than gifts also pysical touch. Even just snuggling while watching tv

  • prinzesa_edith

    prinzesa_edith Apr. 29, 11:15 AM

    mine's are words of affirmation and phisical touch. and honestly, i dont think i get enough of either one. i need to have him take the test.

  • koley05

    koley05 Apr. 29, 11:36 AM


  • IncognitoOne

    IncognitoOne Apr. 29, 11:39 AM

    I'm a big cuddle bug. I love to be wrapped in his arms. And I love spending time with him.

    He kind of just wants to hear me tell him how much I love and appreciate him and then leave him alone, lol.

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