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How do you find the funny in tough relationships?

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  • Crissy2424

    Crissy2424 May. 16, 8:25 PM

    No tough relationships here. Maybe my mil or fil at times. I just distance myself a little if I have to.
  • kitty8199

    kitty8199 May. 16, 8:32 PM

    I don't find funny in it. I just realize it's her (my mom) issue. She's going to be the one not having a good relationship with her grandchild.
  • lillucky8

    lillucky8 May. 16, 8:44 PM

    I dont really find the funny, i just have come to terms that family is family and although i may not agree with their choices they are still family. As long as they are respectful of my wishes and my children im fine w it.
  • chrissydan

    chrissydan May. 16, 11:30 PM

    I cant find the funny I don't know why
  • hugss

    hugss May. 17, 12:09 AM

    No tough ones here :)

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