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What is the Biggest Lesson Your Dad Has Taught You?

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  • MamaMandee

    MamaMandee Jun. 12, 5:37 PM

    Hit reply before I meant to. How is your mom doing?

    Quoting SlightlyPerfect:

    OMG, babe. I just want to hug you. You know my mom was just diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. I have no idea how you live without your dad. I would be so lost.

    Quoting MamaMandee:

    I lost my dad in 08 due to cancer so I remember everything he taught me! 

  • elasmimi

    elasmimi Jun. 12, 6:27 PM

    He taught me what NOT to look for in a man. Sorry, but just being honest.

  • la1118

    la1118 Jun. 12, 7:20 PM

    I remember my dad telling me on my 18th birthday, "You are now legally responsible for all your own actions and decisions."  That really stuck with me, not because I was ever in trouble, but he made me realize that I was no longer a little kid who could run to mommy and daddy.  He was a patient and caring man and taught me to respect everyone from all walks of life.  He taught me what it meant to make your own way in the world.  He taught me so many things.  We lost him in 1987, but even to this day I always consider what my dad would think of decisions I make as an adult and whether or not he would be proud of me and the family I am raising.

  • Janet

    Janet Jun. 12, 7:37 PM

    My parents divorced when I was a baby. I was never close to my dad. The only thing I can think he taught me was to ride a bike. He died when I was young.
  • goddess99

    goddess99 Jun. 12, 8:05 PM

    Not to be judgmental.

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