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What is the Biggest Lesson Your Dad Has Taught You?

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  • TheJerseyGirl

    TheJerseyGirl Jun. 12, 8:30 PM

    My dad died when I was 3 , so without him being here , his loss has taught me to love with all my heart and cherish each day on this Earth.
  • .Angelica.

    .Angelica. Jun. 13, 12:48 AM

    i can't think of anything :/

  • Jenniy

    Jenniy Jun. 13, 12:51 AM

    That he'll never be there when I need him
  • mikemantha

    mikemantha Jun. 13, 1:18 AM

    My dad wasn't around amd passed away in 2008. All my know how goes to my MOM and HUSBAND! My mom taught me how to cook and EVERYTHING! My HUSBAND taught me EVERYTHING else, from working in cars to helping me raise a family amd being myself :) 

  • CharmCityMommy

    CharmCityMommy Jun. 13, 1:23 AM

    My dad taught me to be friendly and civil with people rather than fight and hold grudges. He told me to pick and choose my battles. He told me not to let em see ya sweat and the phrase that I remember most from him during my childhood is "(whoever) will get over it." So true!

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